Hrithik Roshan Fitness Workout and Diet Secrets for Mohanjodaro Movie

Hrithik Roshan’s strict fitness mantra, disciplined workout, and secret diet plans have made him one of the hottest and the sexiest stars in the Bollywood film industry. Hrithik Roshan practices a rigorous workout routine to gain implausible fitness. Hrithik’s secret dietary plans are one of the factors that make him active, fit, and busy even in his tight schedule. The fitness freak actor following an even more strict lifestyle regimen to maintain his physique for the upcoming movie Mohenjodaro, which is being directed by Ashutosh Gowariker.

Hrithik Roshan fitness secrets

Hrithik Roshan’s incredible body physique is the result of a tough workout and fitness regime. Hrithik Roshan follows international trends on fitness and workout routine to make his body like a superhero and as per the demands of his upcoming movies like Mohenjodaro. Every day, he performs the cardio exercise for 20-30 minutes. To transform behind the awesome physique of the superstar, the real and mentor is Kris Gethin. The superstar has different workout schedules for different days.

Hrithik Roshan Monday workout

He focuses on the chest, calves, and back on Monday. For Monday exercises, he performs Dumbbell Bench Press, Incline Dumbbell Flyes, underhand cable pull, bent over barbell row, back extension, seated calf raises, and standing calf raises.

Hrithik Roshan Tuesday workout

On Tuesday, the superhero especially concentrates upon Legs. Hrithik Roshan’s leg exercises include leg press, seated leg tucks, extension, lying leg curls, squats, etc.

Hrithik Roshan Thursday workout

The super chiseled hero does shoulder calves and abs exercises on Thursday. For shoulder, calves, and abs, he practices, marble military press, side lateral raise, upright barbell row, reverse flyes, weighted sit-ups, seated calf raises, and standing calf raise.

Hrithik Roshan Friday workout

Arms exercises are the priority for Hrithik Roshan on Friday. Hrithik Roshan’s arms exercises include straight arm dumbbell pullover, cable rope triceps extension, cable lying triceps extension, standing dumbbell triceps extension, straight arm pull down, concentrated curls, dumbbell bicep curl, and standard biceps cable curl.

Hrithik Roshan diet plan secrets

Healthy eating habit is one of the factors of Hrithik Roshan’s stout body and awesome physique. The superhero believes that you are what you eat. The superstar’s fat to fit body due to his discipline lifestyle regimen. As per Hrithik Roshan’s mantra, one should eat at regular intervals as it enhances your metabolism. Ninety percent of the job is done through diet and ten percent through exercise. It means the importance of diet is of utmost.  A crash diet is not in the mind of the superstar. As per his nutritionist, he has been advised to take food several times in the day rather than 3 heavy meals. A large amount of protein is an integral part of his diet plan. The superhero’s protein comes from egg white, chicken, protein shake, and other animal products. His carbohydrate menu includes oats, sweet potatoes, pasta, brown rice, etc. Omega 3 fatty acids come from omega oils. He takes 100 grams of meat every day. For fiber, minerals, and vitamins, the superstar depends upon fibrous carbs, sprouts, broccoli, and spinach.

Hrithik Roshan super abs & biceps

Having abs like the superstar Hrithik Roshan is the desire of millions. But Hrithik Roshan’s chiseled abs and fine biceps and triceps are the results of hard work and a strenuous workout regime. The ripped muscles and fantastic biceps and triceps are the secrets of long training and dedication.  For his super abs, the superhero performs marble military press, side lateral press, upright barbell row, reverse flyes, weighted sit-ups, seated calf raises, standing biceps cable curl, cable rope overhead triceps extension, cable lying triceps extension, standing dumbbell triceps extension and standing calf raise.  One of the main mantras of his six-pack abs is that one should have consistency in work and try to be fit and healthy.

Hrithik Roshan bodybuilding tips

  • Hrithik Roshan’s workout routine means practicing different exercises as the body needs that.
  • Sound sleep is of utmost importance for health and fitness.
  • Low weight is a suitable formula to make a good looking physique.
  • Stretching exercises are a must before starting your health module.
  • Initiatives and consistency are a must to have a good body.
  • One can attain six-packs only when feels oneself healthy.
  • Try to reduce stress and be strong mentally.
  • To make a fit and healthy body, the role of diet and exercise are in the ratio of 90:10.
  • Cut down sodium
  • Negligible intake of sugar.
  • One can achieve a fine physique through his dedication and determination. 

Hrithik Roshan discipline life

Hrithik Roshan’s intense workout is the part and parcel of his discipline life. The discipline workout gives him a mental boost and strength. His fitness mantra is based upon two words-initiative and consistency. He tries to keep stress at bay so as to stop the accumulation of toxins in the body. He overcomes his bedridden life, weight, and inches because of his discipline and routine lifestyle.  Now, he looks a better physique even than before due to his trainer Kris Genthin and nutritionist Maraica.

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