4 Yoga Poses To Boost Your Immune System: Pranayama For Immunity

Why yoga for enhancing immunity?

There are many people who have weak immunity, which leads to attack them many viral and bacterial diseases. Medicines are not going to strengthen the immune system. It is the natural process that ensures the in-built enhancing of immunity. Weak immunity people can also be attacked by infections easily. In such cases, Yoga, especially the breathing processes (pranayama) can play an important role to reduce the stress level thereby boosting the immunity of the body. Yoga not only improves the immunity of the body but also prevent many diseases and disorders.

4 Yoga Poses To Boost Your Immune System: Pranayama For Immunity
Yoga for immunity
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4 yoga poses to boost immunity

  1. Nadi Shodhana Pranayama: Nadi Shodhana Pranayama calms and steadies the mind and acts as a panacea for stress buster. It helps to open the respiratory channels; removes blockages from them and facilitates a free flow of oxygen throughout the body. It is one of the effective yoga poses to strengthen the immune system. Anulom Vilom reduces anxiety and stress and helps to manage hypertension. It stimulates calming centers of the brain and strengthens muscles and helps to gain control over the diaphragm movement; improves abdominal tone and singing capacity. It is also good in case of asthma, allergies, high or low blood pressure, stress-related heart conditions.

How to practice?

  • Sit in any comfortable posture.
  • Keep the head and spine erect. Close the eyes.
  • Focus on the breath and also pay attention to the tip of the nose.
  • Close the right nostril with the thumb. Inhale through the left nostril and now press the left nostril with the ring finger and exhale through the right nostril.
  • The same procedure follows with the other side.
  • Do it 3-5 times.

Precautions and contradictions

  • Initially retention of breath (kumbhaka) should be avoided.

2. Bhastrika Pranayama: This is a powerful pranayama relieves inflammation of the throat, destroys phlegm; removes diseases of the nose, chest, and beneficial for asthma. It removes all diseases arising from excess of wind, bile, and phlegm; and gives warmth to the body. It purifies the energy channels and one of the effective yoga poses for strengthening the immune system. It is also said this pranayama awakens the Kundalini.

How to practice?

  • Sit in a comfortable posture by keeping the body, neck, and head erect.
  • Slowly inhale through the nostrils.
  • Then exhale quickly and forcefully through the nostrils immediately.
  • Continue this forceful inhalation and exhalation in quick succession.
  • At the end of the required breaths, the final expulsion is followed by the deepest possible inhalation.
  • Rest a while after one round is over by taking a few normal breaths.
  • Do 2-3 rounds initially.

Precautions and contradictions

  • It shouldn’t be performed by those who are suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, vertigo, glaucoma, intestine, or stomach ulcers.
  • In summer, this should be followed by sheetali or sheetkari pranayama to minimize the impacts of heat.

3. Bhramari Pranayama: Bhramari Pranayama has the ability to calm and soothe the mind thus a powerful weapon to combat stress. It is a very useful pranayama to relieve tension and anxiety and also reduces anger. It has the power to take consciousness inwards and facilitates the practice of Samadhi.

How to practice?

  • Sit in a comfortable position.
  • Keep the eyes and the mouth closed. Inhale deeply.
  • While exhaling makes a soft humming sound.
  • Close both the ears with thumbs and exhale out making the humming sound of a bee.

Precautions and contradictions

  • It shouldn’t be practiced if somebody has an ear infection.
  • People suffering from heart diseases should practice it without retention of breath.

4. Kapalbhati Pranayama: Kapalbhati invigorates the entire brain and awakens the body cells. This pranayama is the destroyer of all the mucus disorders accordingly clears the respiratory passage and makes it free from impurities. The powerful breathing process increases the lungs capacity and also purifies the frontal air sinuses and stimulates the brain.

How to practice?

  • Sit in a comfortable position, eyes closed and the whole body relaxed.
  • Inhale deeply through both nostrils expanding the abdomen and exhale with a forceful contraction of the abdominal muscles.
  • Now onward, inhale passively and exhale forcefully.
  • The breathing must be of the bellows’ type.
  • Initially do 30 strokes at a stretch. Gradually, increases its frequency.

Precautions and contradictions

  • It shouldn’t be practiced in conditions like cardiac problems, giddiness, high Blood pressure, vertigo, epilepsy, stroke, hernia, and gastric ulcers.

4 Wonder tips to boost immunity

  1. Take sound sleep at least 6-7 hours.
  2. Try to make yourself happy always. It is acts as a medicine to rejuvenate your cells and works in a positive way to make the body balance and strength.
  3. Use light foods, which are easily digestible.
  4. Take Giloy juice. It also plays a vital role in overall boosting the immune system.

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