Herbal Hair Fall Control and Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Meaning

Hair Fall and Hair Loss has become common both at among youth as well as at the older stages. At the younger stage, hair loss is replaced by newer strands, but sometimes, it didn’t happen. There are many reasons for hair loss among men and women, but the situation is more chronic in towns and cities due to faulty lifestyle.

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Unani Medicine Tips for Hair Loss (Intisar-e-Sha’r)

Often, we see new products in the form of shampoo, lotions, and conditioners, either on paper or in the shops to prevent hair loss and hair fall. How much such products are beneficial for hair, everybody knows its fruitfulness. Hair loss is common among youth, especially the urban people where it starts by the end of puberty.

To prevent hair fall, it is a wise step to follow natural tips and home remedial measures.  Hair fall control can be managed through Unani treatment.

Hair loss causes

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Curd for Hair Loss and Hair Fall, Yogurt for Shining Hair

Enhance your look naturally by applying curd. Curd is an excellent tonic for the improvement and quality of hair as well as genuinely prevents Hair loss. Curd is one of the best conditioners for hair. In-home curd is used in different forms such as Curd Recipe, Curd Dishes, Curd raita, etc. However, for shining hair and dandruff control & prevention, the curd is used along with any of the given herbs or spices-gram flour, pepper, methi powder, henna, egg, lemon, and so on.

The image will help to make various curd masks that are useful for healthy hair
curd for shining hair

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Top 10 Tips to control Hair loss, Hair fall: Natural & Herbal Remedies

Hair is one of the important components of human life to enhance one’s beauty and complexion. It is a wonderful gift of nature that requires extra care and nurture. However, due to faulty lifestyle, paradoxical dietary patterns, junk food culture, etc., hair loss, and hair fall are common among the masses, especially with women.

About 50% of women faced hair loss at some stages of her life. Hair loss in women is demoralizing, may affect marital life, job opportunities, social adjustment, etc.

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