Salman Khan Body Fitness Workout Regime: How to make Abs like Salman

Salman Khan fitness secrets

Salman Khan’s strict fitness regime, disciplined workout, and diet plans have made him one of the hottest and the sexiest stars in the Bollywood film industry. Gyming, cycling, swimming as well as the right kind of foods are the fitness mantra of Salman Khan as per his physical trainer Manish Advilkar. Salman practiced a rigorous workout routine to make him fit and healthy. His physique is itself the reflection of his determination, devotion, and dedication as sometimes he visited his gym even at 2 am due to his busy and tight schedule. His body workout is biceps, triceps, and abs, and devoted at least three hours daily in the Gym. He inspires many heroes and heroines but very few people know that the superstar does 1000 push up or 2000 sit-ups a day.

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Akshay Kumar Body Fitness Workout, Diet Secrets and Yoga Exercises

Akshay Kumar’s fitness regime even started before his Bollywood journey. He is a black belt in Taekwondo and got expertise in martial arts and Muay Thai in Thailand while working as a chef. Akshay Kumar follows a disciplined life and likes to mix different workout routines to avoid boring. One of the important Akshay workout tips is that one should give at least one hour to one’s body to keep fit and healthy.

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A number of actors turn up to Akshay for his fitness tips. He is an inspiration for many heroes and heroines. He finishes his last meal at around 7 in the evening and likes to go to bed at least two hours after the meal.

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