10 Wonder Medicinal Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin, Hair and Face

The leaves of the plant are succulent and the gel produced by it is of many therapeutic uses and properties.

Aloe vera introduction

Aloe vera is known as a “wonder plant” because of its numerous medical and scientific verified benefits. The leaves of the plant are succulent and the gel produced by it is of many therapeutic uses and properties. Besides using aloe vera in skin, hair, and face; it is also known for weight loss. It’s a million-dollar plant because of its uses in cosmetic, food, and beverage industries. Aloe vera’s amazing benefits make it unique in the category of the medicinal herbal world.

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Top 10 Wonder Benefits And Uses Of Kuth (Saussurea costus)

Costus (Kuth) is one of the important herbs, mentioned in Atharvaveda and Ramayana. It is used to improve the beauty of ladies, and to alleviate respiratory and mental disorders

Kuth introduction

The ayurvedic herb is considered a product of Arabs, and that is why it is known as Arablon Costus. The root of this herb is used as a medicine. In the Indigenous System of Medicine as well as Tibbi Medicine it is mainly used as a drug, prescribed for mental diseases and sexual disorders.


Different name of kuth

  • English: Kuth, Costus.
  • Hindi: Kuth, Koth, Kur, Pachak
  • Sanskrit: Kushth, Vapya, Utapal, Kashmir, Agadha, Bhassur, Kashmirja.
  • Punjabi: Kushth, Koth

Chemical constituents of costus

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Rauwolfia Serpentina (Sarpagandha) Uses, Benefits, Dosages and Side Effects

Sarpagandha uses and benefits

Rauwolfia root introduction

Rauwolfia Serpentina (Sarpagandha) is one of the important ayurvedic medicinal herbs. The root of this herb has been used since ancient times. The importance of the root and the alkaloids obtained from it has been recognized in the modern system of medicine in the treatment of hypertension and Neuro-psychiatric disorders.

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10 Ayurvedic Medicines To Gain Weight Quickly and Naturally

10 Ayurvedic Medicines To Gain Weight Quickly and Naturally
10 Ayurvedic Medicines To Gain Weight Quickly and Naturally
Custard Apple

Ayurveda medicines for weight gain

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine, which is known for its holistic purposes. There are many ayurvedic formulations, which can be used for weight gain purposes. On the other side, Ayurveda is completely natural and without side effects.

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15 Surprising Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Malkangni (Celastrus Paniculatus)

What is malkangni?

Malkangni is one of the few ayurvedic herbs which enhances memory and intellect, nourishes brain cells, and helps to combat depression. Because of its huge therapeutic benefits, the medicinal herb is recommended in treating many mental and neurological disorders. As per Ayurvedic System, it is effective in treating nervous system weakness, nervine deficiency, and paralysis. The seeds of the plant stimulate the intellect
and sharpening the memory. It is common all over the hilly parts of the country.

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Nightshade Medicinal Uses, Side Effects And Benefits

nightshade medicinal uses

Nightshade plant description

It is an annual or perennial plant can be seen as herbs or small tree. Its leaves are either simple or pinnately compound. The entire plant is covered with prickles. The flowers are generally white, yellow, or purple and the fruit is berry in nature. Nightshade comes under the family of Solanaceae, which comprises more than 2300 species. Nightshade is generally associated with deadly poisonous species, but many of its species are eatable like potato, tomato, eggplant, etc.

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Top 9 Wonder Benefits of Eating Sunflower Seeds

sunflower seeds benefits

What are sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds are known for numerous health benefits. These seeds are rich in fats, vitamins, minerals, and other healthy nutrients. Common people, generally take it for a healthy heart, skin health, strengthening of bones, and diabetes.  Sunflower seeds are basically the fruits of the sunflower plant, which are present at the head. A normal sunflower head contains about 1500-2000 seeds. It is often eaten after roasted, which increases its flavor. The seeds have a suitable amount of oil, therefore, it is one of the main ingredients of polyunsaturated oil.

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