10 Ayurvedic Medicines And Formulations That Boost Immunity for COVID-19 Patients

Ayurveda to bolster Immunity

Ayurveda has medicines and formulations such as Chyavanprash, herbal tea, golden milk, dry ginger, raisin, cinnamon and ways like nasal application are effective to make the immune system strong thereby prevent you from viral infections including COVID-19. The basic concept of Ayurveda for the prevention of viral infections and boosting of immunity revolves around the concepts of “Dinacharya” – daily regimes and “Ritucharya” – seasonal regimes to maintain healthy life. Lots of things had been mentioned in ayurvedic classical scriptures to enhance the immunity of an individual.

10 Ayurvedic Medicines And Formulations That Boost Immunity for COVID-19 Patients
Herbal tea

10 ayurvedic medicines to boost your immunity

  1. Herbal tea: Herbal tea is a great immunity booster. It is quite effective for all age groups. So make a habit of drinking it to fight against viral and bacterial infections. Herbal is made from the decoction of Tulsi (Basil), Cinnamon, Black pepper, dry Ginger, and raisin are of great use to make the weakened immunity system strong. It may be taken once or twice a day.
  2. Chyavanprash: Chyavanprash has a unique ability to make your immunity strong. Not only this, eating these ayurvedic formulations (10gram) daily helps to fight against cough, cold, fever, and other seasonal allergies. If somebody is diabetic, he should take sugar-free Chyavanprash.
  3. Golden milk: Taking milk (150 ml) with turmeric(1/2 tsp) is good to fight cough, cold and viral infections. It is also beneficial to strengthen immunity.
  4. Ajwain tea: Ajwain tea is known for its pungent smell. Ajwain tea is beneficial for cold, cough, asthma, and gaseous problems. It is known as antiseptic, antipyretic, and expectorant. Ajwain (Caraway seeds) steam inhalation can be practiced once a day.
  5. Coriander mix: Coriander is full of minerals and vitamins, especially, rich in micro-nutrients. It has an adequate amount of vitamins A, B, C & E along with minerals like calcium, phosphorous, iron, and magnesium. Coriander recipe is one of the best appetizers as it aids in digestive juice secretion. Coriander is beneficial in pain, cough, throat pains, and antiseptic in nature. The presence of many phytochemicals helps to develop the immunity of the body. It also works against microbial infections. It is recommended that spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander, and garlic should be used in cooking.
  6. Garlic chutney: Garlic chutney has many health benefits. Garlic chutney increases the energy level of the body. It is good against cold and cough and helps to overcome respiratory problems. It boosts the immune system and also good for asthma. It is effective in combating viruses and bacteria.
  7. Clove: Clove is full of antioxidants viz. eugenol, vitamin E, vitamin C, etc. It enhances immunity and helps to increase the count of white blood cells. Lavang (Clove) powder mixed with natural sugar/honey can be taken 2-3 times a day in case of cough or throat irritation. It has anti-inflammatory properties thus prevents many conditions in the body including infections.
  8. Ashwagandha powder: Ashwagandha powder(2 teaspoons), Piper longum (2 teaspoons), Honey (4 teaspoons), Sugar ( 4 teaspoons), and Ghee ( 4 teaspoons). Mix it well and take One teaspoonful twice a day in the morning and evening. It is good to strengthen the defence mechanism (immunity) and combat infections.
  9. Giloy: Giloy has many health benefits such as anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-allergic, anti-malarial, anti-diabetic, and anti-impotency. In modern medical science, it is known as an antioxidant. It is proven anti-endotoxic potential, bolsters host defence and decreases the incidence of sepsis, stimulates phagocytosis, and proven efficacy in immune-compromised conditions. It is full of immunogenic properties: It is great for the immune system. It helps to cure infectious diseases of bones, lungs, intestines, blood disorders, intermittent fever, and dysfunctions of the liver.
  10. Triphala: Triphala boosts your immunity thus prevents you from many diseases and disorders. Emblica Officinalis or Indian Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C, which is one of the best antioxidants, helps in boosting the immunity of the body.

10 Home remedies to boost immunity

  1. Prevention is better than cure.
  2. Steam inhalation with fresh Pudina (Mint) leaves may be taken.
  3. Drink plenty of warm water throughout the day.
  4. Daily practice of yoga, pranayama, and meditation for 30 minutes.
  5. The application of sesame oil on both nostrils is recommended.
  6. Take one tablespoon sesame oil in the mouth. Do not drink, Swish in the mouth for 2 to 3 minutes and spit it off followed by a warm water rinse. This can be done once or twice a day.
  7. Take sound sleep of 6-7 hours.
  8. Take soups viz. vegetables and chicken.
  9. Take lemon, honey, ginger, and turmeric with warm water.
  10. Focus on probiotic foods and have a sunbath.

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