Wonder Benefits Of Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) For Skin, Hair and Health

Gotu Kola overview

This ayurvedic medicinal plant is used as buddhi-vardhak or the enhancer of Intellect and wisdom. It is excellent for intellect and knowledge because the leaves strongly resemble the human brain.  It is known by different names in different languages. In Sanskrit, it is called Mandukparni, which refers to the herb’s leaves resembling a frog’s claw. In South Asia, it is used as a kaya-kalpa, an herb which assures longevity and freedom from geriatric problems. This medicinal plant is widely used to formulate drugs in modern and traditional systems of medicine. In Ayurveda, it is called Rasayana, a rejuvenating drug.

Different names of gotu kola

The common names of gotu kala are given below.

  •  English: Indian pennywort, Gotu Kola, Thick-leaves pennywort, Water navelwort, Marsh Pennywort
  • Hindi: Brahma-manuki, Bemgsag, Brahmi, Budhbrahmi, Mandukparni, Khulakhudi
  • Sanskrit: Mandukparni
  • Punjabi: Brahmi-buti
  • Tamil: Vallarai
  • Kannada: Ondelaga

Nutritional facts of gotu kola

Gotu kola is full of many essential biochemical substances such as heteroside, saponoside, asiaticoside, triterpene acids, a glycoside, indocentellocide, an alkaloid hydrocotylin, resin, pectic acid, vitamin-C, a bitter compound, vellarin and volatile oil. Besides, brahmocide, brahminocide, Brahmic acid, isobaric acid, betulin acid, and stilbestrol are also found in the Hydrocotyle Asiatica.

Medicinal benefits of gotu kola

Gotu kola is known to cure many diseases and disorders. The herb possesses bitter, acrid, sweet, cooling, and astringent properties. It acts as a medhya, rasayana, nervine tonic, stomachic, soporific, cardiac tonic, carminative, sedative, laxative, alterative, alexiteric, tranquiliser, decongestant, immuno-stimulant, and blood purifier. Brahmi is an anti-leprotic, anti-spasmodic, and anti-tumor herb. Besides, it promotes longevity, good memory, sleep, good voice, complexion, and rejuvenation. All these bio-chemicals are used in the preparation of many medicines and drugs. Simultaneously, it is also helpful in treating various diseases.

Top 10 benefits of gotu kola

  1. Gotu kola for skin:  Five to twenty grains of Brahmi powder mixed with Vaseline, if used three times a day, both internally as well as externally, is helpful in the treatment of eczema, erysipelas, leprotic ulcers, syphilitic ulcer of the second stage and in other skin problems. In Homoeopathic System of Medicine, it is widely used in skin disorders like,
    Psoriasis, eczema, etc. It has been scientifically confirmed that using this herb in the cases of leprosy helps to induce the fast growth of skin, hair, and nails.
  2. Healthy hair: It is helpful in the prevention of greying of hair and also prevents hair fall. Healthy hair takes an equal proportion of Brahmi juice and coconut oil. Boil it, make it cool, and use it on the scalp of the head region. This Brahmi oil can be used as a massage on the head for headaches, mental weakness, and scalp dryness and to induce concentration of the provenmind. It has been clinically proved that using this herb in cases of leprosy causes the fast growth of skin, hair, and nails.
  3. Increase RBC haemoglobin: The herb has an anabolic effect that helps to increase the
    level of RB.C haemoglobin percentage, blood sugar, serum cholesterol, vital
    capacity and total protein.
  4. Nerve tonic: It is considered as a nervine tonic. The dry Brahmi churan benefits in mental debility, stress, strain, tension, and depressive conditions. The fresh juice of Brahmi leaves processed with the cow’s ghee in hysteria and insanity, which ensures seizure
    decline duration.
  5. Female sterility: In female sterility, Centella is effective when combined with chotakulpha (Trichoderma indicum). Both should be dried under shade. An equal quantity of both herbs powdered with sugar candy in the ratio of 2:1. Three grams of this
    powder should be taken twice a day with cow’s milk for three consecutive days
    after menses.
  6. Asthma: In the Unani System of Medicine, gotu kola treats
    hiccups, asthma, bronchitis, burning sensation in the urine, and headaches due
    to stress and strain. It is also used to increase the appetite.
  7. Leprosy: The extract of Centella Asiatica is said to improve the general health of leprosy patients and has also been found to break up leprosy nodules.
  8. Cancer: The herb has immunostimulant activity and is used as a chemoprotective drug in chronic ailments along with modern chemotherapy. The scientific community has recommended this herb as a substitute for the current drug (INTRON-A), which is generally given to cancer patients to increase immunity.
  9. Epilepsy: The mix of dried Brahmi powder (125 mg), Shankhpushpi powder (        125 mg), Mukta Pishti (65 mg), Suva ran Bhasam(65 mg), and Honey 1 teaspoonful. Mixing all together and taking an empty stomach early in the morning is suggested. It is beneficial for epilepsy and nervous weakness.
  10. Calcium supplement: The mix of Brahmi Churan(65-125 mg) and Ghee(5 rnl). Mix it well, boil, and process well. It can be given in cases of rickets or bone brittleness among children.

Top 10 uses of gotu kola

  1. Brain: Gotu kola is an important medicinal herb for the proper development and growth of the brain. It is considered the best-revitalizing herb for brain cells and nerves. The leaves have a marked energising effect on the brain’s cells and are said to brighten the brain indefinitely. It is not a stimulant but is considered as a brain food.
  2. Tiredness: If you have problems with fatigue and tiredness, it is better to take Gotu kola. It is a reputed tonic for tiredness and fatigue, which is felt after mental work.
  3. Memory loss: The plant is used to improve memory. The herb is used to
    improve the general mental ability of mentally disabled children. Powdered leaves in small doses in cow’s milk are given for mental weakness and to improve memory.
  4. Stammering: If somebody has stammering condition, it is better to use gota kola. One or two leaves are given early in the morning to cure hesitating.
  5. Convulsion: The aqueous extract of Gotu kola helps decrease motor activity, thus delaying convulsion.
  6. Nervous system: Regularly using the medicinal herb is beneficial for the smooth functioning of nerves.
  7. Mental disorders: It helps ease mental disorders’ symptoms.
  8. Headache: It is good to reduce the frequency of headaches.
  9. Gout: Brahmi increases the blood circulation in the body and, thus, is used in
    gout and uricosuric
  10. Sleeplessness: In sleeplessness, Brahmi churan is administered in a dose of 3 grams
    with cow’s milk. Sometimes, 20-25 leaves are immersed in cow’s milk and are
    taken internally for seven days.

Precautions of gotu kola

 The excessive use of this herb should be avoided. Excess or frequent use of this medicinal herb may cause body aches and giddiness. Therefore, instead of using raw herb leaves as medicine, one can roast or boil the leaves.

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