10 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Black Pepper for Weight Loss, Skin and Hair

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Black Pepper for Weight Loss, Skin and Hair
Black Pepper

Black pepper is the king of spices

Black Pepper has amazing health as well as natural medicinal benefits which lots of people don’t know. These peppers stimulate your test buds and help to increase your appetite. The write-up is giving you detailed information about Black Pepper’s nutritional facts, herbal properties, and surprising benefits of this spice. It is also known as the king of spices because containing rich anti-oxidants and other nutrients. It helps in digestion and has the ability to reach the minutest channels in the body to remove the accumulated toxins.

10 amazing benefits of black pepper

  1. Black pepper can be taken for weight loss as it contains piperine that prevents the formation of fat cells. It also expedites your metabolism thereby makes your digestion smooth  and also prevents constipation and gas formation.
  2. It helps to enhance your skin beauty and glowing skin because of the presence of antioxidants. The paste of it along with honey and turmeric can also used be used over the face. 
  3. Black Pepper is extremely useful for respiratory disorders and asthma. For such types of patients, it is suggested to give the mix of black pepper powder in the dose of 500 mg. along with honey, sugar, and oil.
  4. If you want to need clarity in your hoarse voice, dental caries, in removing bad breath (halitosis), the gargling of Black Pepper Powder along with salt and warm water may be used as herbal medicine. This mix is also useful for upper respiratory infections such as uvulitis, recurrent sore throat, pharyngitis, and mouth diseases.
  5. The people who are non -vegetarian, especially should use the Black Pepper Powder in their diet. The use of these ingredients helps in digestion and also gives relief from gaseous distension and indigestion.
  6. The use of black pepper is also used in the case of Heavy and powerful diets as it digests the meaty recipes easily.
  7. Black pepper is also used in the weakness and loosening of the anal sphincter especially in the case of piles.
  8. For Headache and migraine, nasal drops of Black pepper powder prepared in milk is used. It helps to remove the chronic headache. The same preparation can also be used as a local application on the forehead in the form of a paste.
  9. If you have chronic dysentery, black powder should be taken in the dose of 500 mg. thrice a day along with oil.
  10. Black pepper reduces itching and discharges through the lesions when used in the form of a local application on skin disorders.
  11. Black pepper works as an antidote in indigestion caused due to excessive intake of pure fats such as butter.
  12. Back powder also has veterinary utility. The decoction of black pepper should be used to wash the ears of cattle in case of maggots. This kills the maggots.

Black pepper side effects

Some side-effects and possible risks of taking Black Pepper are

  1. Black pepper vitiates Pitta Dosha.
  2. Black pepper increases the dryness and destroys Kapha Dosha.
  3. It shouldn’t be given to infants and weak children.
  4. Black pepper shouldn’t be used in summer.
  5. A person who is suffering from hyper-acidity and gastric problems should avoid using Black Pepper.

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