Top 15 Wonder Uses Of White Turmeric for Skin, Hair and Weight Loss


What is white turmeric?

White or Yellow turmeric is one of the important ayurvedic medicinal plants, which is used in the kitchen as a spice since ancient times in the Indian sub-continent. White turmeric is known for its multi-purpose medicinal uses and health benefits. Turmeric is not only a popular spice in the kitchen but also has great significance and reverence in festival rituals as well as spirituality.

Yellow turmeric description and production

Yellow turmeric or Zedoary is a rhizome, yellowish in color, grown underground. It’s a sensitive plant, needs care for its sapling. It doesn’t require water accumulation while growing. Simultaneously, to get good quality of turmeric, one has to make its soil loosen on regular intervals and also take care of termites and fungus. Some turmeric become rounded or oblong, but generally, they are long and slender.  The two important varieties of it are Curcuma zedoaria (round) and Curcuma zerumbet (long or slender)

Different names of turmeric

  • Hindi: Haldi, amb, halad
  • English: White or Yellow turmeric
  • French: Zedoaire
  • German: Zitwer
  • Italian: Zedaria
  • Spanish:Cedaria
  • Indonesian:Kentjur
  • Botanical name: Curcuma zedoaria
  • Family: Zingiberaceae


Turmeric preparation and storage

Raw turmeric is grown by a farmer on a large scale. They dig it out from the ground, removes its dirt and soil. Sometimes, proper processing is not done by the farmers; it is being executed by the wholesaler or the purchaser. For household uses, it should be washed and dried properly. Make a fine powder of it and keep in a tight jar to make the use of the same from time to time.

How to cook with turmeric?

Because of its innumerable benefits, turmeric is used for various types of dishes including both vegetables as well as non-vegetables. As far as the preparation method is concerned, it should be used along with the cooking substances just as we used salt, chilly and other spices. It shouldn’t be used singly over hot oil as it makes the dishes blackish. It is one of the main ingredients in fish making or non-veg. preparations. One thing should also remember that powder is preferable in cooking instead of its whole part. However, the dishes, which require adequate time, its whole part can also be used.

15 Medicinal uses of yellow turmeric

  1. Antiseptic: It is used as an herbal antiseptic, applied over cuts and wounds. It helps to promote local healing and reduces pain and swellings.
  2. Blood purifier: There are many problems, caused due to blood impurities. The use of turmeric acts as a panacea to combat various blood-related problems.
  3. Flatulence and Colic: One of the main important uses of zedoary is to smooth digestion thus gives great relief from gases, flatulence, and colic.
  4. Sexual problems: Because of its antioxidant properties, it is said that the use of turmeric is beneficial to cure sexual problems both in the case of males and females. The regular use of Haldi is beneficial to cure erectile dysfunction.
  5. Facilitates childbirth: It is said the use of turmeric is good to strengthen the uterus and helpful in childbirth.
  6. Beauty: Turmeric powder has been used in ceremonies, especially marriages for a long time to make the bride and bridegroom fairer. The application of the paste of turmeric helps to improve facial glow.
  7. Pimple remover: The application of turmeric paste along with lime juice is seen effective to control pimples and wrinkles.
  8. Improves immunity: It is good for cell regeneration and helps to improve the immunity of the body.
  9. Painkiller: It is one of the effective herbal pain It may be taken with vegetables or people also take it with milk. It can also be taken with jaggery.
  10. Combat skin allergy: The paste of turmeric and margosa leaves helps to prevent skin allergies including eczema and ringworm.
  11. Hair fall: The regular application of the paste of turmeric and shikekal over the scalp helps to prevent hair fall. It is also beneficial for those who are facing the condition of dandruff.
  12. Cracked heels: The application of turmeric powder and castor oil over the cracked heel ensures its smoothness.
  13. Burning fat: The mix of turmeric, ginger, and honey is beneficial for those who are obese. It helps to burn fat.
  14. Strengthens the respiratory system: The use of this ayurvedic medicine helps to clear phlegm, mucous and other watery substances from the nasal passage thus helps to energize the respiratory system.
  15. Arthritis: It contains a biochemical substance called curcumin, which helps to reduce inflammation and also fights for pains like arthritis.

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