Top 10 Wonder Benefits of Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) 

Shankhpushpi overview

The name ‘Shankhapushpi’ has been given because of its flower shape and size, which are in the shape of a conch or shanka. Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) is widely known among ordinary people and the medical fraternity because of its effectiveness for the brain; that’s why it is commonly known as a brain tonic. Since it shows beneficial impacts on the brain, the herb has earned a good reputation in India and abroad among pharmaceutical companies. There are three primary herbal brain tonics, e.g., Brahmi, vacha and shankhapushpi. Acharya Charaka said that Shankhapushpi is the best among the three and is considered foremost among the four medhya rasayanas.Shankhpushpi-brain tonic

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Different names of Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis)

  • Biological name: Convolvulus pluricaulis
  • English: Shankhpushpi
  • Hindi: Shankhavali, Shankhahuli
  • Sanskrit: Medhya, Mangalya Kusuma, Visnukranta, Kseerpushipi
  • Punjabi: Porpang, Dodak.

Nutritional facts of Shankhpushpi

Chemical analysis showed that Shankhapushpi contains two principal elements and an alkaloid called Shankhapushpine and convolvuline.

Shankhpushpi and Ayurveda

From an Ayurvedic point of view, it is oily and slippery. It is fantastic and bitter. Metabolic activity is sweet, and specific action is intellect-promoting.

Medicinal benefits of Shankhpushpi

As far as the medicinal aspects of Shankhapushpi are concerned, only the white flower is used.  It is used as a media (brain tonic), laxative, aphrodisiac, nervine tonic, rejuvenator, health-promoting, and complexion-promoting. It also acts as a tranquilliser, hemostatic, hypnotic, anti-epileptic, and anti-hysterical.’

Shankhpushpi and Unani

 It is used in the formulation of many Unani medicines. In Unani medicine, it is a ‘balya rasayana’, nervine tonic, and brain tonic. In the traditional system of treatment, it is recommended to use in the form of a fine powder or the form of an extract of the herb.

Top 10 Benefits of Shankhpushpi

 As per the traditional system of medicine, the medicinal herb is considered a promoter of life span, strength, and intellect. It is beneficial for many diseases and disorders, such as insomnia, hysteria, Insanity, high blood pressure, and depression.

  1. Memory: It is good to promote memory. Method: Take Shankhapushpi extract (2 to 4 teaspoons) and milk (1 glass). Could you mix it and take it regularly, both in the morning and evening? It is suitable for memory and loss of memory. It is also beneficial for sleeplessness, Intestinal worms, high blood pressure, hysteria, and insanity.
  2. Insanity: The medicinal herb is good for insanity, hysteria, and epilepsy. Method: Take the wonder Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis) (1teaspoon), Dudiavacha (Acorus Calamus) (1teaspoon), Meetha Kuth (Saussurea Lappa) (1/4 teaspoon), and Honey (1 teaspoon). Now, make a fine powder of these. Before taking the formulation, one can mix it with honey and lick it two times a day, followed by one glass of milk. It is beneficial in cases of sleeplessness, hysteria, epilepsy, insanity, and loss of memory.
  3. Sleeplessness: Shankhapushpi is good in case of sleeplessness. Method: Shankhapushpi (40-80 gm), milk (1glass), and Jeera (little amount) give good results.
  4. High blood pressure: The herb treats high blood pressure. Method: Take the herb’s power (2-4 gm) thrice daily. Shankhapushpi sharbat can be taken as a single herb or adjuvant to other modern medicines.
  5. Headache: If you are suffering from chronic headaches, tension, frustration, etc., it is suggested to take Sharbat of Shankhapushpi twice a day for good results.
  6. Burning sensation in the body: Shankhapushpi can be dried at home in a shady place and powdered, and a teaspoonful of this powder can be taken daily. The powder can be
    soaked overnight, and the water can be strained and drunk in the morning. It is also
    taken as a cooling Sharbat in summer.
  7. Heart problems: The herb and its formulations with medicinal ayurvedic plants are suitable to treat heart problems. Method: Prepare the mix of Shankhapushpi (c. Pluricaulis) ( 2 teaspoons), Arjun bark (Terminalia Arjuna)(2 teaspoons), Amla Churan (Phyllanthus Emblica): 2 teaspoons, Punarnava Churan (Boerhavia diffusa): 2 teaspoons, Puskarmool Churan (Inula Racemosa): 10 gm./2 teaspoon Mix and grind together to make a fine powder. Take two teaspoons twice a day.
  8. Longevity: It is scientifically proven that the use of the herb, along with ghee, is good for the longevity of life and for strengthening the nervous system.
  9. Anxiety: A “clinical study on the role of media rasayana and panchakarma therapy in anxiety states” explored that media Rasayana herbs like Shankhapushpi and Brahmi
    etc., along with Jatamansi quash, is recommended for patients with anxiety
  10. Stress: The medicinal plant is also beneficial in combating stress.

Top 10 uses of Shankhpushpi

  1. It is used for nervous tonic and brain tonic.
  2. Shankhpushpi is used as a Rasayana for rejuvenating nervous functions.
  3. It is used in cases of epilepsy and convulsions.
  4. It helps control vomiting.
  5. Persons who have diabetes should take it.
  6. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia should be used regularly.
  7. It is helpful in insomnia and promotes sound sleep.
  8. It is suitable for learning and memory retention and is a mood stabiliser.
  9. It may be used in arthritis and rheumatic pain.
  10. It may also be used in case of depression.

Shankhpushpi side effects

  •  It shouldn’t be used during pregnancy.
  • One shouldn’t take it during low blood pressure as it may decrease the BP of the body.

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  1. My son can surely benefit from shankhpushpi powder, sounds great for him, however he has low blood pressure, so what can he take that will help as shankhpushpi does but not lower his low blood pressure? Thank you

  2. My friend has brain cancer and hates USA conventional medicines with there many side effects. What can someone suggest? Thank you

  3. How long do I take the product before I should see any benefits In fighting anxiety,depression and stress along with ptsd? I’ve been using it for a week with no noticeable improvement.

  4. I love Shankapushpi my question is, Does it lower your blood sugar at all? I am getting conflicting information when i research it. I am hypoglycemic and I had to stop some other herbs and foods I thought were good for me because they were good for Pitta, which is me, but not good for low blood sugar. I do feel a bit spacey but very calm.

  5. Does Shankapushpi lower your blood sugar in any way? I am Pitta dosha with Hypoglycemia 54 year old female. I have to be very careful its tricky balancing Pitta and low blood sugar.


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