MV Bhole-A Man of Yoga Research and Experiential Yoga

Dr MV Bhole’s early life

Dr M.V. Bhole was an Indian yoga teacher and modern MBBS doctor who dedicated his life to studying and practising yoga. Born in 1935, Dr Bhole was raised in a family that valued education and spirituality, and he showed an early interest in both of these areas. He went on to study medicine and later became a physician, but he always retained his passion for yoga and spirituality. He was also a sought-after speaker invited to conferences and universities worldwide.

MV Bhole-A Man of Yoga Research and Experiential Yoga
Mukund V. Bhole


Dr. Bhole at Kaivalyadhama

He worked in Kaivalyadhama Yoga Research Institute, Lonavala, in various capacities and retired as Joint Director of Research in May 1995.  He served as the Managing Editor of the Quarterly Research Journal, ‘Yoga Mimansa’, published by the Institution since 1924. The doctor compiled and edited ‘The Abstracts and Bibliography of articles published from Kaivalyadhama’ from 1924 to 1984.

Dr Bhole’s Yoga research

Literary Research

  • Participated in preparing and publishing Critical Editions of two authentic yoga texts, (1) ‘Hathapradipika’ in Jul 1970 and (2) ‘Gheranda Samhita’ in 1978.
  • Participated in the preparation and publication of ‘Yoga Kosha’ in 1972.

Laboratory Research

  • Studied Pressure changes in internal cavities during various Yoga practices, viz. Asanas, Kriyas and Bandhas.
  • EMG studies in ‘asanas’ compared with isometric exercises of a similar nature.
  • Cardiac output in comparable breathing exercises and pranayama
  • Staying in airtight pits by a professional and controlling subjects.
  • Influence of selected Yoga practices (Bandhas) on heart rate.

 Therapeutical Research

  • Management of Bronchial asthma through yoga methods – A Clinical study.
  • Management of back pain through yoga – A research project taken by LMRC, Pune, India, from 1999 to 2003. A monograph, ‘Helping Yourself Towards Zero Backache’, was authored by Narendra Vaidya and myself (M.V.Bhole). Published by Lokmanya Medical Foundations, Pune, India (2004).

Educational Research

  • Around 1965-67, ‘Anatomical and Physiological Consideration of Yoga Practices’ was developed for non-medical yoga students training in Yoga College at K-dharma.
  • Later, around 1970-75, the subject of ‘Principles of Yoga Therapy’ was also developed.
  • Around 1985, the theme of ‘Concept-based, Experiencing oriented training and treatment in Yoga’ was developed and introduced in Yoga teaching and Yoga treatment.
  • I worked on ‘Experiential Yoga, ‘ which was presented in medical language.

Spread yoga around the world.

Dr Bhole visited former Czechoslovakia, wherein the Czech Govt. officially recognised Yoga under medical rehabilitation and for physical culture. He called Iran to deliver Yoga Therapy lectures. He worked on the Yoga Research Project at the Central Cardiology Institute in Moscow and was also involved in preparing documents submitted to UNESCO and WHO.


Dr Bhole was the author of several books, including “Yoga for Health and Happiness,” “Yoga: The Science of Living,” and “Yoga: The Science of Mind and Body.” These books have been widely read and are considered to be authoritative works on the subject of yoga.


Dr M.V. Bhole was a revered yoga teacher and physician who dedicated his life to studying and practising yoga. He was a pioneering figure in yoga therapy and a respected author and speaker. His legacy inspires and guides those seeking to deepen their spiritual practice and achieve greater well-being.

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