Brahma Kumari BK Asha Bio data, Early Life and Peace Lectures

Sister Asha is the Director of the Brahma Kumaris Om Shanti Retreat Center and is a popular spiritual leader, orator, and effective manager. Since she was barely 9 years old, she has been living a spiritual lifestyle with the Brahma Kumaris group.

Brahma Kumari BK Asha Bio data, Early Life and Peace Lectures
BK Asha

Life as a lecturer

After voluntarily resigning from her position as a Lecturer at Bangalore’s Mt. Carmel Degree College, she committed her life in 1972 to the organisation working to create a society based on moral principles. She has been part of the organization since 1972 and working with it relentlessly to add value to the society. Prior to this she was a Lecturer at Mt. Carmel Degree College, Banglore and opted for voluntary resignation from her service.


BK Asha’s peace lectures and talks

She is one of the organization’s most in-demand speakers and has travelled the world to share the message of peace and spirituality at numerous national and international conferences, interfaith gatherings and dialogues, radio and television programmes, and other venues. On regular basis, television networks like Sanskar, Peace of Mind, broadcast her lectures and talks.


BK Asha’s spiritual class

She has served as a spiritual guide and facilitator for Ministers, Governors, Supreme Court Judges, Ambassadors, and MLAs in various regions of the nation. She has also played a key role in creating and delivering management, leadership, and behavioural courses for IAS officials and political leaders in numerous state secretariats.


Director of Om Shanti Retreat Centre

Presently she is a member of Management Committee of Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu and Director of Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Northern India Campus of Brahma Kumaris. She is also Chairperson of one of the professional wings of Rajyoga Education Research Foundation, the Administrators’ Wing, managing the services of Brahma Kumaris, Delhi Zone. She also have been representing Brahma Kumaris centres of India as a Regional Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris.



She represented the organisation (Brahma Kumaris) at the U.N.’s Decade for Women Conference in Nairobi in 1985. Sister Asha was selected as an ‘Outstanding Young Person of the World for 1989’ by Jaycees international USA for her contribution towards Peace.


BK Asha’s world tour for peace

She is one of the inspiring speakers of Brahma Kumaris and has travelled throughout India and overseas in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Africa and many European countries spreading the fragrance of Peace and Divinity.


BK Asha’s international programmes

  • She has organized and coordinated several national and international programmes and projects like-
  • International Year for the Culture of Peace- UN Project in 2000
  • Million Minutes of Peace Appeal- UN Project in 1986
  • Global Cooperation for a Better World- UN Project in 1988
  • Meditation courses for Ministers, Governors, Supreme Court Judges, Ambassadors and MLAs in different parts of the country
  • Management, Leadership and behavioral courses for IAS officers at many state secretariats

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