List of Top 10 Best Fitness and Health Magazines of USA

USA’s top fitness and health Magazine

There are many fitness and health magazines in the United States of America (USA). But, let’s know the list of top and best fitness and health magazines of the USA along with their circulation, contents i.e. fitness, nutrition, healthy living, weight loss, sex, relationship, beauty, health tips, etc. We are also trying to tell you how these magazines are useful for health and fitness point of view.  The list is given below:

1. Health Magazine

Health is a fantastic health and fitness magazine for women covering the latest health news, expert advice, innovative exercise strategies, beauty tips, and managing emotional well-being, etc.  The main sections of Health magazine are:

  • Love your looks: It comprises beauty tips, tips to look younger, best shape, how to control overindulgence, etc.
  • Live healthy: It discusses wellness news and self-diagnostic methods.
  • Great food: It narrates about different types of recipes and small eating habits.
  •  Best life now: It covers news of wellness, fitness, beauty, and health
  • Build a better:

The magazine is published by Southern Progress Corp.

2. Psychology Today Magazine

It is a bi-monthly psycho-medical magazine and its contents revolve around human behavior and relationships, anxiety, and associated with other psychological conditions. It deals with parenting, professional relationships, etc. The different sections of the magazine are:

  • Insights: tells us about inner look, how to manage ailments, and helps you to find out the best psychologist.
  • Health: discusses about emotional well-being.
  • Food chain: deals with food and research in nutrition.
  • Solutions: offers solutions to problems.
  • Personality: essays and questions-answer sessions.
  • Relationships: short notes and advice on relationships.

It is published by Sussex Publishers Inc.

3. Men’s Fitness Magazine

If you are a fitness freak, want to be in slim and fit shape, then Men’s Fitness is the best bet for you. It gives you easy and in-depth knowledge about fitness, nutrition, how to lose weight, sports and style tips. The important sections of the magazine are:

  • Look Great and Upgrade your style info hub.
  • Where to Buy: easy way to get the products.
  • Focus: discusses wellness and better sleep.
  • The Guide to Blasting Fat: body fat shedding section.
  • The Look-Great Issue

Publisher: AMI/Weider Publications, Inc.


4. Men’s Health Magazine

Men’s Health is a fitness magazine gives you knowledge about travel, technology, relationship, sex, gadgets, men’s fashion, weight loss, fitness tips, latest workout moves, etc. The different sections of the magazine are:

  • Ask Men’s Health
  • The Girl Next Door
  • Jimmy the Bartender: discusses health, relationship, and the reader is free to ask questions.
  • Useful Stuff
  • Bulletin: Latest health news

Publisher: Rodale Inc

5. Prevention Magazine

Prevention magazine is one of the important and leading health magazines in the world. As per audited and reported circulation numbers, it is the 2nd leading health magazine in the world. It is boosted with around 1 million readers. The magazine is published by Rodale Press. The different important sections of the magazine are:

  • Nutrition
  • Food
  • Cooking
  • Workouts
  • Beauty
  • Healthy lifestyle


6. Cooking Light Magazine

It is a wonderful monthly magazine about food, beverages, and an array with many food choices. It discusses seasonal foods, salads, food recipes, vegetables, kitchen hacks, cooking tips, etc. The magazine is published by Southern Progress Corp.

7. Women’s Health Magazine

The magazine revolves around the betterment of women’s health. It discusses healthy recipes, nutrition, weight loss, sex, workout guides, health news about women, fitness, health tips, etc. It has some regular features such as:

  • Best body: refers to the latest workout routines.
  • Slim down: effective tips for slim and healthy.
  • Eat smart: the best way to take food.
  • Good looks: latest beauty and makeup trend.
  • Live well:

The magazine is published by Rodale Inc.

8. Runner’s World Magazine

It’s a monthly magazine of running, marathons, half-marathons provides, group of runners, etc. irrespective of ages. It provides the date and schedules of these events. The magazine discusses nutrition, how to overcome personal challenges, weight loss, etc. It has a ‘Gear’ column discusses about apparel, shoes, exercise equipment, music player, app, running shoe guide, trail shoe guide, etc. It is published by Rodale Inc.

9. Muscles & Fitness Magazine

The Muscles & Fitness magazine’s every issue acts like a fitness trainer. It discusses bodybuilding, nutrition, muscular exercises, etc. Every issue features prominent professional builders, athletes, and sport personalities. The main concerns of the magazine are fitness & exercise, bodybuilder lifestyle, fitness tips, etc. It also covers special issues like Annual Beginner’s Guide, Buyer’s guide, Arms issue, Crossfit issue, fat burn issue, and Nutritional issue. It is published by AMI/Weider Publications Inc.

10. Shape Magazine

Shape is a women’s healthy and active lifestyle magazine. It has some fantastic features such as beauty tips, workout routines, healthy recipes, weight loss, fitness, and healthy living. It has some regular features such as:

  • Workouts: An array of workout routines
  • Weight Loss: covers diet tips and healthy weight loss.
  • Food & nutrition: offers recipes, seasonal ingredients, and advice from leading chefs.
  • Beauty & Style: the latest trend in beauty.
  • Health news

It is published by Meredith Corporation

Top 10 health magazines of USA on circulation wise

On the basis of circulation, the top 10 fitness and health magazines of the United States of America are:

  1. Health Monitor: 4, 667, 150
  2. Medizine’s Healthy Living: 3, 191, 090
  3. Prevention: 2, 927, 638
  4. Remedy: 2, 517, 659
  5. Men’s Health: 1, 917, 411
  6. Diabetes & You: 1, 750, 000
  7. Shape: 1, 650, 752
  8. Women’s Health: 1, 588, 260
  9. Diabetes Focus: 1, 520, 040
  10. Fitness: 1, 515, 065

This is based upon audited and reported circulation numbers.

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