Dental and Oral Care Tips through Ayurveda Herbs

Ayurvedic herbs cleanse the teeth, ease dental pains, strengthens the gums and extremely useful for eyes and nose.

List of top 20 Ayurveda medicine for dental care

    • Walnut: powdered fruit skin is used for cleansing the teeth, strengthens the gums and checks bleeding.
    • Rough Chaff: its root powder is beneficial for teeth cleansing. It’s juice ease dental pains.  Also good for cataract.Dental and Oral Care TipsImage courtesy of Michal Marcol /
    • Indian Gumarabic Tree: Bark gargle is beneficial in stomatitis and throat inflammations. Its leaves juice is used in conjunctivitis. Chewing of barks strengthen loose teeth and arrest bleeding from gums. It cleans dirty teeth too.
  • Bakula: Ripen fruit is used to clean the teeth. Brushing with stems clean the teeth. Gargling with the mix of Acacia, eases swelling and bleeding of gums. It helps to fix the loose tooth.
  • Indian Nightshade: Its gargle alleviate foul odour of the mouth.
  • Cardamom: Smell of Oral cavity and teeth disappear after gargling with it. Seeds are acts like as mouth fresheners. Its oil is used for toothache.
  • Cassia Flower: Good for dental diseases.   Gum’s oil massage helps to stop bleeding and strengthens the gums. Acts like as a deodorants. Its gargling is important for dental afflictions.
  • Variegated Bauhinia: Decoction of bark skin heals wounds. Skin paste reduces swelling.
  • Tailpepper: It is a good mouth deodorant. Its  powder is extremely beneficial for teeth cleansing. Used in tooth powders.
  • Indian Beech: Root powder is  good for teeth and gums. Seed oil is antiseptic, analgesic and anti pruritic. Leaves paste is extremely useful for wounds and swellings. It also relieves from phlegm.
  • Nut Gall: Its gargle is effective for gums problems. Useful for mouth  odorant.
  • Camphor: Place a swab, dipped in camphor oil to relieve the dental pain. use to make tooth powders. Camphor +  Neem juices prevent falling of eyelashes.
  • Cutch Tree: It’s powder stop gums bleeding. Highly useful for skin affliction. Also good for dental caries and cavities.
  • Musk-mallow: Its seed powder is used as mouth deodorant.  good for mouth and  sore throat problems.
  • Clove:  Place a swab, soaked in clove oil, locally to relieve the toothache.  Used as mouth odorants.
  • Red Wood tree:  Gargle is good for  stomatitis and sore throat. Its fruit is useful for fair complexion of skin.
  • Oak Galls: Mix of  Oak, alum and catechu cleanses the teeth. It fixes the loose teeth. Its gargle is good tor tonsils. Use in hair dye preparation.
  • Long Zedoary: Rhizome powder is used for cleansing of teeth. Used as deodorants.  also given for hiccup.
  • Toothache tree: The fruit chewed reduces dental pains  and refreshes the mouth.  Also known for sore throat, toothache and stomatitis.
  • Cinnamon: Soak the cotton swab in cinnamon oil and place it in dental cavities. It reduces pains. Eases dispigmentation. Used as mouth freshener and mouth odorants.


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