Ayurveda First Aid Management For Snake Bites

Generally, we hear about snake bites through newspapers or other sources. But, many cases go unnoticed and don’t get proper first aid and treatment, entrapping them in trouble and sometimes leading to death. Getting quick medical facilities is impossible for everyone, especially in the countryside. Here, the role of herbs, home remedies, Ayurveda and Unani medicines become relevant and significant. There are two types of snakes-poisonous and non-poisonous. The biting of poisonous snakes needs urgent action, and the nearby doctor should be consulted immediately. In comparison, biting non-poisonous snakes is not a big issue; first aid management and home remedies are enough to treat it.

Snake bites symptoms

The biting of a poisonous snake starts showing its symptoms quickly after bites, toxins or poison spread throughout the body, causing acute pain at the site of bites.  The patients experience dizziness, headache, vertigo, and blurred vision. Twisting and limping of legs are also common signs in such cases. The person starts losing consciousness and gradually becomes unconscious. If first aid and medical help aren’t provided at the right time, the risk of death increases.

First aid for snake bites

At once, one should tie a piece of cloth or string at a distance of 8 cm above the bite, and one more bandage should be tied further above 8 cm apart. Afterwards, a one cm deep incision should be made in the form of a cross at the place of the bite using a sterilised sharp knife or razor, and then hot water must be poured on the wound.  The site should be squeezed hard so blood flows out of the cut. Then, apply a clean dressing. The patient should immediately be referred to a nearby hospital after providing first aid.

6 Ayurvedic herbs for snake bites

Some ayurvedic and Unani herbs can be used as first aid management before consulting the doctor. But one shouldn’t delay in rushing to the hospital.

  1. Asafetida (Hing): Take Heeng (125mg) and wine and immediately rush to the hospital for medical help.
  2. Onion or Garlic: Take onion or garlic in sufficient quantity with wine or pure ghee (butter) as first aid treatment.
  3. Neem leaves: The patient should chew neem leaves until he feels the leaves’ bitterness. He should also drink the juice of margosa.
  4. Tobacco: Boil or grind chewing tobacco (2g) with 120 ml. of water, followed by drinking the same.
  5. Madar leaves (3 drops) on the affected part—tender shot of Madar ( 3 in no.)  taken with jaggery and pure ghee.
  6. Lemon Seed: Lemon seeds (1gm). Method: Grind with water and take as such. Could you apply a paste with water to the affected part?

Prevention and precautions

  • One shouldn’t try to suck out the poison by mouth.
  • Avoid eating anything, especially caffeine and alcohol, as it will help to spread the venom rapidly.
  • Don’t raise the affected part above your heart.
  • Applying ice cubes should be avoided.
  • Take rest and don’t make yourself tired.
  • One should wear sports shoes while moving out or walking, especially when snakes are rampant in the summer and rainy seasons.
  • Avoid places busy, dirty, and dingy.
  • If a snake is following you, never jump into the water as the snake’s speed gets faster.
  • Don’t irritate venomous snakes.

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  1. I live miles from the nearest town and have no transport. Many of my medications are derived from plants I find at the side of the road. Trying to find a use for common Dock and Stinging nettles other than making beer. Magic mushrooms (gold tops ) also contain the same chemicals as Datura and Deadly nightshade. Good stuff to have around if you get bitten by a spider or snake!


  2. Very informative and educative for the rural population who die of lack of knowledge.
    Drinking of urine preferably of the same sex also controls the spread of venom.


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