15 Wonder Benefits of Tulsi for Malaria Fever (Autumn Fever)

15 Wonder Benefits of Tulsi for Malaria Fever (Autumn Fever)
Tulsi leaves

Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease, caused by a protozoan called Plasmodium. The symptoms of malaria fever are associated with chilling fever, tiredness, vomiting, headache, and rashes. The symptoms of the disease are visible only after 10-15 days of biting the vector female anopheles that penetrates plasmodium into human blood. There are five species of Plasmodium, out of which P. falciparum is the most dangerous. Malaria is most common in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. There are modern medicines available to treat malaria but it can be cured and prevented naturally through Tulsi or Holy Basil.

Surprising benefits of Tulsi for fever

Since, ancient times, Tulsi is used to cure Malaria. Tulsi or its extract is highly beneficial for malarial fevers. If malaria is detected in the initial stage, only a few leaves of Tulsi are enough to combat the disease.

  1. Tulsi & Black pepper for malaria: A hot decoction of Tulsi, black pepper, and jaggery along with some lemon juice, is helpful in curing malaria. It is advisable to take the decoction after every two or three hours. The paste turn pill of the mix of Tulsi (10gm) and black pepper (10gm) is effective for the management of malaria. One should take 2 of these pills at an interval of 3 hours.
  2. Tulsi and bitter gourd for malaria: Grind the mix of Tulsi (10gm), black pepper (10gm), bitter gourd creeper (10gm), and pumpkin twigs (10gm). Make a small or pea size pill and take two such pills to control malarial fever. It is also effective to combat other types of fever. These pills can’t be stored for a long time. It should be stored in a cool place for a period of a maximum of two months.
  3. Tulsi and Neem for malaria: The extract derived from the leaves of Tulsi and Neem and drinking the same along with black pepper is helpful in curing malaria.
  4. Tulsi and caretu for malaria: The mix of Tulsi (7 leaves), black pepper (4) and caretu twigs is helpful in relieving malarial fever.
  5. Tulsi and honey for fever: The mix of Tulsi (10gm), powder of black pepper (1gm), and honey (4gm) is effective to control malarial fever. The paste should be licked from time to time.
  6. Tulsi root for malaria: The decoction of Tulsi root helps to lower the body temperature by increasing perspiration from the body.
  7. Tulsi Juice for malaria: The drinking of Tulsi juice (10ml) thrice a day is helpful in the prevention of malarial fever. The juice of Tulsi and ginger is also effective.
  8. Tulsi and nutmeg for fever:  Grind and form a mix of Tulsi (10gm), nutmeg (10gm), small pepper seeds (10gm), black pepper (10gm). Now, make small pills and kept the same in shade. Take one pill four times a day.
  9. Tulsi and Datura for malaria: The grounded paste of Tulsi (60gm), Mandar flowers (10gm), petal of Datura (10gm), and black pepper (10gm) when taken by making pill enable you to prevent malarial attacks.
  10. Tulsi and gram for malaria: Make pea-size pills from the paste of Tulsi leaves (10gm), gram powder (40gm), Katlee leaves (20gm), and black pepper (10gm). Take two pills before and after feeling fevers. Whenever there is a malarial scourge in the neighborhood, it is wise to have such pills to prevent the spread of malaria.
  11. Tulsi and lemon:  The juice of Tulsi, Neem, and lemon is quite beneficial in the management and control of malaria fever.
  12. Tulsi and Amaltas for malaria: The juice of Tulsi leaves (10gm) and Amaltas (10gm) is helpful in the control of fever.
  13. Tulsi as a mosquito repellent: The plant or juice of Tulsi spread the aromatic fragrances in the surroundings, which in turn helps to keep the mosquito away.
  14. Juice of Tulsi and ginger: The drinking of Tulsi and ginger juice is beneficial to increasing your appetite thereby helping in treating cold, fever, and other fever related infections.
  15. Tulsi tea for malaria: The person during malarial fever feels uneasiness, loss of appetite, and other associated problems. But taking Tulsi leaves tea acts as a stimulant and makes you fresh and refresh and simultaneously helps in lowering your body temperature.

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