15 Wonder Benefits of Ashwagandha (Winter Cherry)

Ashwagandha uses

  • Imparts sexual energy like a horse
  • Has anti-ageing property
  • Fatigue treatment and strength
  • Mental problems solution
  • Dementia treatment
  • Recovery from prolonged illness
  • Anti-impotence drug
  • Herbal Viagra
  • Over 100 herbal medicines with ashwagandha as a significant ingredient
  • Depression treatment
  • Increase sperm count and sperm stronger
  • For premature ejaculation
  • For lactation
  • As a pain reliever
  • Against tuberculosis infection
  • For heart problems
  • For high blood pressure
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and gout
  • In loss of memory
  • Strengthens the male sex organ
  • In erectile dysfunction
  • For the development of breast
  • In diseases of the uterus and urinary bladder
  • For low back pain

Top benefits of ashwagandha

  1. Anxiety and depression: Take ashwagandha powder (10gm) and Indian hemp (10gm). Mix it well and use it with honey. It is good to fight anxiety and depression. It also increases appetite and makes the body strong.
  2. Increase sperm count:  Fineone powder of ashwagandha (50gm) and cow’s ghee (200gm). Mix it well and keep it in the container. Take 1 or ½ teaspoon with sweetened milk. It improves the quality and motility of the sperm and increases libido.
  3. For Nocturnal Emissions: To prevent nocturnal emission, use ashwagandha (10 gm), sataver (10 gm), Pueraria tuberosa (10 gm), and sugar (30 gm). Now, mix and grind all together and add sugar afterwards. Take one or ½ teaspoon of it. It strengthens the body and subsides the symptoms of nocturnal emissions and joint pains.
  4. Prostatitis: Use ashwagandha (½ teaspoon), Tribulus Terrestris (2 gm), and ash of tin (125 mg). Mix all together and take twice a day with milk. It looks after the
    symptoms of prostatic hypertrophy, difficult micturition, burning micturition
    and painful micturition in old age.
  5. Premature ejaculation: Take Ashwagandha powder (½ teaspoon), Ateracantha longifolia (½ teaspoon), and Musli powder (½ teaspoon). Now, mix it well and take it with lukewarm, sweetened milk. It prevents premature ejaculation.
  6. Heart problems: Ashwagandha powder (½ teaspoon) and Terminalia bellerica (½ teaspoon). Mix and take with little jaggery twice daily with lukewarm water to combat cardiac pain.
  7. High blood pressure: Ashwagandha powder (½ teaspoon), Sunflower seed powder (½ teaspoon), Giloy (1/4 teaspoon), and sugar(1teaspoon). Mix and take this three times daily memory loss to cure high blood pressure.
  8. Rheumatoid arthritis: Ashwagandha powder (2 gm) and Root of piper (2 gm). Mix and take this three times a day. Gout: Ashwagandha powder (½ teaspoon), Suranjan(½ teaspoon), and Water(120 ml). Mix and boil with a covered vessel. Reduce till the water evaporates to 40 ml. Add honey and take twice a day. It cures gout.
  9. Loss of memory: Ashwagandha powder  (½ teaspoon) and Brahmi powder  (½ teaspoon). Mix and take this with honey both in the morning and evening. It helps to enhance memory and concentration.
  10. Sterility: Ashwagandha fresh root fresh (½ teaspoon) and Giloy fresh (½ teaspoon). Make a decoction of both the fresh herbs and take for nine days. It helps to conceive a woman.
  11. Leucorrhoea: Ashwagandha powder (50 gm), Lodhrapathani powder (40 gm), and Vidare powder (40 gm). Mix and take one teaspoon of this powder with milk twice a day; one teaspoon will help to cure leucorrhoea.
  12. Erectile dysfunction: Take Ashwagandha powder (1 teaspoon), cinnamon (1 teaspoon), Kuth (1teaspoon), and butter (8 teaspoons). Make a fine powder, and use butter to make a paste. Now massage twice a day, sparing the gland penis. It overcomes erectile dysfunction.
  13. Lactation: Take (1/4 teaspoon) each of Ashwagandha, PuerariaTuberosa, Mulaithi or Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Sataver, and sugar. Mix it and take it with cow’s milk twice a day. It increases the lactation of the feeding mothers.
  14. Sleeplessness: One can use Ashwagandha powder (½ teaspoon) and sugar (½ teaspoon) to treat it. Mix and take this one dose with sweetened milk at bedtime. It will
    induce dreamless sleep.
  15. Tubercular Infections: Ashwagandha powder (2 teaspoons), Piper longum (2 teaspoons), Honey (4 teaspoons), Sugar ( 4 teaspoons), and Ghee ( 4 teaspoons). Mix it well and take One teaspoonful twice daily in the morning and
    evening. It is good for tuberculosis to strengthen the defence mechanism (immunity) and combat tubercular bacillus.

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