15 Surprising Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Malkangni (Celastrus Paniculatus)

What is malkangni?

Malkangni is one of the few ayurvedicherbs which enhances memory and intellect, nourishes brain cells and helps to combat depression. Because of its huge therapeutic benefits, the medicinal herb is recommended in treating of many mental and neurological disorders. As per AyurvedicSystem, it is effective in treating of nervous system weakness, nervine deficiency, and paralysis.The seeds of the plant stimulate the intellect
and sharpening the memory. It is common all over the hilly parts of the country.


Different names of malkangni

malkangni benefits and uses

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  • English: Staff tree, Black oil tree, Climbing staff plant, Intellect tree
  • Hindi: Malkangni, Malkauni, Maltangun, Malkakni, Malkamni
  • Sanskrit: Jyotishmati, Peetataila, Katabhi, Kanguni, Pinya, Pidya, Agnimasha, Amruta, Avega, Dipta, Durmada, Gatida, Ingudi,
  • Punjabi: Sankhu, Saraswati, Swaranlata, Triparni


Actions and Uses (Pharmacology and Therapeutics) of malkangni

  1. The use of malkangnihelps to supply nutrition to the braincells thereby makes it active and fresh.
  2. The oil of this herb acts like as a pain killer and used in case of paralysis, sciatica, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.
  3. It is used in steam inhalation to treat upper respiratory infections.
  4. Its oil is used in case of skin diseases, anorexia, facial paralysis and diseases related with ligaments.
  5. It is used to treat the problems related with libido, penile erection, sexual disorders and lack in sexual excitement.
  6. It is a very good cardiac tonic and is used for the treatment of low-
    blood pressure, bradycardia and heart block.
  7. Its oil is diuretic in nature. It also helps in difficult urination and frequent micturition in case of prostate enlargement.
  8. It is used as a remedy for the treatment of abortion, miscarriage and snake-bite.
  9. The oil has potential therapeutic effect on migraine.
  10. In sleeplessness or insomnia, it is given in combination with Jatamansi and


Health benefits of malkangni

  1. Memory: The use of the ayurvedic herb helps to increase the memory power and eye sight. Method: Take one part each of malkangni oil, cow’s ghee and pure gandhak. Mix and take 120 mg on first day and increase 120 mg daily for one
  2. Vigor and vitality: Method: Take one part each of malkangni oil, vachachuran (acoruscalamus), fresh butter and three parts of pure gandhak. The mix helps to increase eye sight, libido, calmness and strength.
  3. Mental disorders:To treat the insanity, one can start taking one malkangni seed daily, in
    increasing order for forty days or start taking one drop of its oil, in increasing
    order till fortieth day.
  4. Headache: Take odrop each of malkangni oil and almond oil. Put two drops from both of these oils on a sugar if it is taken daily in an increasing order followed by milk for 40 days. It helps to relieve chronic headache.
  5. Menstrual cycle: Take burnt leaves of celastruspaniculatus, flowers of Hibiscus Rosa and water. If first two are pounded in water and taken, it would be beneficial for those women who have lost their menses.
  6. Inflammation: Malkangni Seed: 1 seed on first day and then start adding one seed each day till fifteenth day. During this medicine, one should also massage the affected parts with this medicine. It is recommended in gout and arthritis.
  7. Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.): Take malkangni oil 15 drops on first day,
    30 drops on 2nd day, 45 drops on 3rd day and 60 drops on 4th day and so on continuously for 3 years. It is effective in creasing of Intelligence Quotient.
  8. Memory tonic: Take malkangni seed (60 gm) and purified cow’s ghee (15 gm). First clean the malkangni seeds and then fry it carefully in ghee. It
    should not be burnt. Half teaspoon of it may be taken in early morning and evening with cold water regularly for 10 days. It sharpens the memory power.
  9. Throat infection: Take the mix of Malkangni, Devadaru, Haldi, Patha, Rasaunt, Yavakshar and Pippali. Grind all together in equal parts and make a fine powder. Make a tablet with the help of honey. Allow to chew this tablet slowly and slowly. It is a very beneficial for throat infections/disorders.
  10. Paralysis: Take the mix of Malkangni, (12 gm), Ratanjot (12 gm), Pippali (12 gm), Mussali black (60 gm), Ginger Dry (64 gm) and    Jamalgota without giri (16 gm). Grind all together and make tablets of 125 mg with the help of water. Take two tablets morning and evening. It is beneficial in Paralysis.
  11. General Debility: Take the mix of  Malkangni seeds (50 gm), Sugar (25 gm), and  Cow’s milk (500 gm).Cook altogether on a mild heat till the milk turned as ‘Khoya’, then triturate all and make tablet of 500 mg. Take one tablet morning and evening with milk. This is very effective ‘in general weakness particularly in sexual weakness.
  12. Nervine Tonic: Take the mix of Malkangni tail (60 gm), Terpentine tai(60 gm), Rogan Mom ( 60 gm), Dhatura tail (60 gm) and Clove oil (12 gm). Mix all together well and rub gently on the male organ and wrap it with a piece of cotton and bandage it. It is also used for the treatment of convulsions, chorea, and in conditions, which causes a severe pain.
  13. Anti-Coagulant: Make the powder of Malkangni (1 kg), Gunjasafed (1 kg), Dhatura seed(2 kg), Clove (24 gm) and Jaiphal (24 gm). Make coarse powder of all these items and prepare an oil. It should be taken in consultation with ayurvedic physician.
  14. Anti-impotency Oil: Take the mix of Malkangni Seed(30 gm), Opium (12 gm), Bhang (12 gm), Clove (12 gm), Nutmeg (12 gm), Dalchini (12gm), Akarkara (12 gm), Lohbhan Kodia (12 gm), Onion seeds (12 gm) and Castor seed (12 gm). Now, massage it over the penile area. Do it for initially for 30 days.
  15. Erectile Dysfunction: Take Malkangni oil(10 drops) and Satyajiwan oil(1 drop). Use it for few days for good result.


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