10 Top Benefits And Uses Of Mandukaparni (Indian Pennywort)

Mandukaparni overview

Mandukaparni has been known since ancient times to enhance intellect and wisdom. So many natural foodstuffs resemble our body parts. Apple seems like a heart, and a bean is like a kidney. It means if you are eating beans, it is good for the kidney and eating apples makes your heart in good condition. In the same way, Mandukaparni leaves resemble our brain; thus, taking this ayurvedic medicinal plant is good for the brain, helping to ensure wisdom and intellect. It is also one of the components in the formulation of Ayurvedic medicine. In Ayurveda, it is used as a rejuvenating drug.

10 excellent benefits of Mandukaparni

  1. Mandukaparni is full of bio-chemical substances such as heteroside, saponoside, asiaticoside, triterpene acids, indocentellocide, hydrocotylin, resin, pectic acid, vitamin-C, villain, brahmocide, brahminocide, brahmic acid, isobrahmic acid, betulic acid, etc.
  2. It is known for many medicinal benefits and uses such as nervine tonic, stomachic, soporific, cardiac tonic, carminative, sedative, laxative, alterative, alexiteric, tranquiliser, decongestant, immuno-stimulant and blood purifier.
  3. Skin diseases like eczema, erysipelas, and leprotic ulcers are treated with the help of this Ayurvedic herb.
  4. It is good for healthy hair. The massage of Brahmi juice and coconut oil helps stimulate the hair follicles, thus preventing hair fall and greying of hair.
  5. It acts as a tonic for your nerve. It also acts as a mood elevator for the conditions like stress, anxiety, tension, depression, etc.
  6. The mix of mandukaparni and chotakulpha alleviates female sterility.
  7. Respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis, hiccups, etc., may be treated with the help of mandukaparni.
  8. It is beneficial in the case of epilepsy. The mix of Brahmi powder, Shankhpushpi powder, Mukta Pishti, Honey, etc., is helpful in this case.
  9. Scientific research has accepted its relevance in cancer treatment. Modern science has also suggested it as a chemoprotective drug.
  10. It is also recommended for patients with low RBC counts. Besides, haemoglobin formation is for sugar, cholesterol, calcium, etc.

10 best uses of Mandukaparni

  1. Mandukaparni is considered brain food as it is helpful in the proper functioning of brain cells. It also energises your brain.
  2. The problems of fatigue may be tackled by it.
  3. It is good for mentally disabled children as it is helpful to enhance memory.
  4. In the case of sleeplessness, it is given with cow milk.
  5. It helps to strengthen and strengthen your nerves.
  6.  It is good for cognitive aspects.
  7.  The regular eating of its leaves is helpful to solve the problems of stammering.
  8. The case of convulsion may be cured by using it.
  9. In the case of migraines and headaches, it also gives some relaxation.
  10. The joint problems can also be alleviated using this Ayurveda plant.

Mandukaparni capsules

Mandukaparni capsule is good for the brain, intellect, and memory. In clinical trials, it has been found that the Ayurvedic herb is good for mental alertness. It is beneficial for the nervous system and prevents nervous breakdown. It helps to improve blood circulation and longevity and enhances your body’s immunity. Mandukaparni capsules can be purchased from Patanjali or Himalaya.

Mandukaparni side effects

  • It should be taken only after consultation with a physician.
  • The heavy dose of it may lead to giddiness.
  • It is suggested that boiled or roasted leaves of it should be taken.

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