10 Amazing Benefits Of Standing Spinal Twist Pose (Katichakrasana)

Standing spinal twist yoga pose is also known as waist rotation yoga and Katichakrasana in Sanskrit. Waist rotation yoga is a boon to strengthen the lower back and its muscles. Standing spinal twist pose helps to make your waist slim. One of my Yoga teachers Shri Balmukund from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, New Delhi, once told me that it is a beneficial yoga pose for lower spinal health and good for the kidney, testes and digestive system. It helps to burn lower belly fat too. Here, we will discuss the health benefits of Katichakrasana through scientific evidence subject to its steps and procedures with  steps and procedures with the right technique.

10 Amazing Benefits Of Standing Spinal Twist Pose (Katichakrasana)
Standing Spinal Twist Pose

Essential facts about Standing Spinal Twist Pose

  • In Sanskrit, it is pronounced as ‘Ka-tee-Cha-KRAAHS-un-uh’.
  • The meaning of Katichakrasana is Kati means ‘waist’; Chakra means ‘wheel’, circular rotation; and asana indicates to posture/pose.
  • It’s beginner-level yoga and plays important roles for smaller spine muscles.
  • It involves motion in the hips, spine, waist, and shoulders.
  • It works well on the thighs, calves, hip flexors, deep abdominal muscles, the entire spine and biceps.

10 Amazing benefits of standing spinal twist pose

  1. Weight loss: If one does this yoga pose fast and regularly, it helps to shed excessive fats from the belly region.
  2. Relieve constipation: This is one of the best yoga poses to cure chronic constipation.
  3. Strengthens the spine: It gives adequate stretching to the lower back area and the spinal part. Thus suitable for the health of the spine.
  4. Leg muscles workout: It is an excellent exercise to build leg and arms muscles, relieving leg pain.
  5. Neck & shoulder yoga: It stretches and twists the neck and shoulders, thus keeping these flexible and free from ailments.
  6. Removes stiffness: This is an excellent asana for removing stiffness from the body, especially the spinal one.
  7. Feeling of lightness: The asana removes mental and physical tensions and fatigue, thus helps to induce an incredible feeling of lightness.
  8. Frozen Shoulder: Its practice can cure frozen shoulder pain.
  9. Facilitates breathing: It ensures expansion and twisting of lungs, thereby helping prevent many respiratory disorders such as lung congestion, asthma, etc.
  10. Prevents diabetes: Its movement stimulates the pancreas and is good for managing diabetes.


Waist rotation yoga pose shouldn’t be performed in the following conditions.

  • Pregnancy
  • Hernia
  • Slip disc
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Spinal disorders


  • While practising the yoga pose, one should be aware of the stretch at the opposite sides of the back.
  • Your feet should be appropriately fixed during practising it.
  • Arms movement should be adequately arranged.
  • One should give maximum twisting and stretch at the lower back and belly region.


The breathing mechanism is of utmost importance for practising any yoga pose. As far as the waist rotation yoga pose is concerned, exhale while twisting. Could you breathe regularly at the final pose and inhale while coming to the original position?

Preparatory pose

  • Tadasana
  • Yogic Sukshma Vyayama, i.e. Shoulder movement, hand movement, knee movement, etc.

Counter pose

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