Pranayama Benefits, Significance, Importance and Meaning

Pranayama benefits and importance

Pranayama, a form of Yoga breathing

Pranayama is not a simple breathing exercise yet it is a scientific breathing process where control over prana is achieved.  Pranayama is the connecting link between physical (asanas) and mental (meditation) yogic practices.

Pranayama Meaning

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Yoga Poses (Kriyas) Cure Acidity and Hyperacidity

Yoga Poses (Kriyas) Cure Acidity and Hyper acidity
Yoga Poses (Kriyas) Cure Acidity and Hyper acidity
Yoga for acidity

Definition of Yoga satkarma

The word Satkarma is comprised of two words-Sat means six and Karma means practices. In Ayurveda, karma means the cleansing process. Thus,  sat karma is the cleansing or yogic purificatory process of the body. These purification processes (Satkarma) are helpful in removing diseases, toxins, and impurities along with cleansing the internal organs of the body. The six purifying processes of Satkarma are Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Trataka, Nauli, and Kapalabhati. These purification processes are extremely beneficial in purifying the body and overall health of the body.

Medicinal value of Yoga Satkarma

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Yoga Asanas for normal Delivery and Pregnancy

Yoga exercises for pregnancy

Pregnancy is a physiological stress posing undue physiological demands on the mother and fetus. Research carried out to date show alternative therapies have been effective for reducing pregnancy-related back and leg pain, nausea; promote normal labor, depression and cortisol levels, and the associated prematurity rate. The yoga practices which is effective for pregnancy consist of loosening exercises, breathing exercises, sitting postures, supine postures, pranayama, and meditation.

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20 Things To Do Before, During And After Yoga Session

9 things you should do before yoga class? For performing yoga poses, shauch (cleanliness) must be maintained. It means that the body and mind should be clean. This also includes the cleanliness of surroundings. Yogic practices should be performed in … Read more