15 Wonder Benefits of Headstand Yoga Pose (Sirsasana) for Hair, Skin, Health

15 Wonder Benefits of Headstand Yoga Pose (Sirsasana) for Hair, Skin and Health

Headstand Yoga Pose overview

The headstand Yoga pose is the king of all asanas due to its multiple health benefits. It speeds up blood circulation and ensures the brain receives sufficient well-oxygenated blood. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, and faulty modern setup lead to the varicose vein, haemorrhoids, and general efficiency of the body’s organs. Therefore, Sirsasana is an unorthodox method of combating an unnatural lifestyle, which helps to solve all endocrine-related problems, including many diseases and disorders. Regular practice helps to develop the body, disciplines the mind, and widens the horizons of the spirit. One becomes balanced and self-reliant in pain and pressure, loss and gain, shame and fame, defeat and victory.

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15 best benefits of Headstand Yoga Pose

  1. Good for a healthy brain: The brain is the controlling centre of the body that helps to function the physical and mental aspects of the body efficiently and effectively. The headstand yoga pose allows manifesting of the brain more vividly. It can rejuvenate and revitalise the entire brain. Sirsasna directs an enriched oxygenated blood supply to the brain cells. Accordingly, the billions of cells receive more nourishment.
  2. Headache & Migraine: Sirsasana helps to relax and strengthen the compression of certain blood vessels in the brain, thereby preventing these ailments. Footnote ailments are also associated with mental tension. Thus, Sirsasana helps to prevent these ailments by inducing calmness. Note, however, sirsasana shouldn’t be done during the time of headache or migraine.
  3. Control pituitary functions: Practicing Headstand yoga increases blood flow to the brain, revitalising the nervous system and the controller of the endocrine system, the pituitary. Thus, it acts as a panacea to rectify various glandular and nervous disorders.
  4. Diabetes cure: The headstand yoga pose shows a significant favourable influence in relieving diabetes. The leading cause of diabetes is the pituitary gland, whose symptoms manifest in the pancreas malfunctioning.  The master gland secretes too much diabetogenic hormone that leads to type 2 diabetes. Modern medicine is not so effective in curing the condition, but Sirsasana acts directly on the pituitary gland by improving the blood supply, thus help in combating diabetes.
  5. Treat sexual disorders: Sirsasana helps combat sexual conditions such as prostate problems, hydrocele, leucorrhea, spermatorrhea, and all general menopausal and menstrual ailments. The yoga pose drains blood from the associated sexual endocrine glands and organs, thus improving functional efficiency.
  6. Anxiety reliever: Anxiety is the most significant factor in causing sexual disorders and other complicated problems. Sirsasana alone or with meditative techniques of Yoga helps to calm the mind. Headstand yoga is an excellent method of bringing about calmness and concentration.
  7. Treat thyroid: It acts directly on the thyroid gland by balancing metabolic functions. Malfunctioning of the thyroid can result in many ailments, either directly or indirectly. The headstand yoga pose helps to bring perfect health to this vital organ.
  8. Improves eye vision: It improves the overall functions of eyesight, sense of smell, and taste. The extra blood supply during Sirsasana helps to work the sensory organs perfectly. Various ailments such as myopia, astigmatism, catarrh, and general lousy hearing have been found to improve by regular yoga poses.
  9. Skin complexion: The condition of the facial skin can also be improved through the regular practice of sirsasana. Pimples and wrinkles are often caused by inadequate removal of waste materials and insufficient nourishment from the blood. Sirsasana directs an oxygen-rich blood flow to the facial skin, improving the facial complexion.
  10. Prevents hair fall: Hair loss, greying of hair, and baldness are often caused due to insufficient blood circulation in the scalp. Sirsasana not only directs enriched blood to the brain; it also sends it to the scalp. The transformation of grey hair into its original colour and proper hair growth is possible through this headstand pose.
  11. Cures piles and varicose veins: The problems of varicose veins and piles are caused by the accumulation of blood in the legs and anus,: The problems of varicose veins and banks are caused by the collection of blood in the legs and anus, respectively. Regular practice of sirsasana relieves the pressure on the blood vessels and helps alleviate either of these ailments.  All the organs of the pelvis and abdomen are revitalised by sirsasana.
  12. Memory power: Memory power, intelligence, and all mental functions are improved. Regular practice of sirsasana makes healthy pure blood flow through the brain cells, rejuvenating them so that thinking power increases and thoughts become easier.
  13. Removes lethargy: This asana is a tonic for those people who tire quickly. It ensures a proper supply of blood to the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain. Our growth, health, and vitality depend on the appropriate functioning of these two glands.
  14. Relieves cold &cough: The lungs gain the power to resist any climate and stand up to any work, thus helpful in relieving colds, coughs and tonsillitis.
  15. RBC formation: Regular practice of sirsasana shows marked improvements in the haemoglobin content of the blood.

37 thoughts on “15 Wonder Benefits of Headstand Yoga Pose (Sirsasana) for Hair, Skin, Health”

  1. The information contained in the website was really helpful My daughter has spectacle of + 4 number. Will shirsasan help in this. She is 8 years old.

    • There are 2 eye exercises beneficial to your daughter.
      1) Staring the edge of nose by both eyes for five minutes
      2)) Staring the eyebrows upwardly for five minutes
      This will improve the eye sight.

  2. Hallo. I am suffering from eyes disease problem. My eyes vessels are dry. Is sirsasan can help me and how . If it is. So how I should Do this and at what time I should do this.

    • Hello! I too had a dry eyes problem, I am regularly practicing sirsasan for a month now and it shows great benefits. previously my eyes feel vulnerable to anything from dust to computer screen. they also turned red easily and itchy. After practicing this my eyes feel completely different like iron coated eyes they feel strong and getting clear. If u put a little passion in to yoga, anything can be cured. Ohm namashivaya !

  3. Hello am suffering from epilepsy problem due to nerve. I use many type of medicine according to doctor but failure. Is sirsasan help me in this problem and how??

  4. Hello, Can you please guide in my hair fall problem. I have lost ma hair from my forehead and i am worried. Does head stand aasana will help me to regain my hair to my forehead?

    Dr.Tapsil Sheth

    • Hi,

      You can do Anulom vilom pranayam and Shirshasana. Increase the intake of coconut in your diet.

      Hope this helps.


  5. I am a 43 year lold woman i lost my whole hair . before i lost my hair was thick then it become thin and grey and then i lost 90% still it is not stopping did shirshasan help in getting my hair back. i am going into depreesion.

  6. I am 54 years old, i got my eye sight back by performing daily this asana. At this age i work for 18 years restless.

  7. Hi there, You’ve done an incredible job. I will definitely digg it
    and personally recommend to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be
    benefioted from this site.

  8. sonu
    during driving i felt sleep and is happen soon i started driving otherwise this problem doesn’t arise pl let me know this problem will get benefits from this ahsana..

    • Headstand yoga pose shouldn’t be practiced for 15 minutes. Initially, it should start with 1-2 minutes and maximum 5 minutes considering the flexibility and practice of the asana.

  9. Hi,

    I had cataract surgery in both my Eyes in Sept. & Dec 2016. I used to do
    Sirs asana prior to surgery. Can I start doing the Asana. Please Guide
    Thanks & Regards
    Shailendra Jain


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