Yoga Food-Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic Diet

What is Yogic diet?

  • Yoga Foods like Sattvic (Positive food), Rajasik & Tamasik (Negative foods) plays an important role in the overall health of an individual.
  • A balanced diet means proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, roughage and enough water ensures to make a person remain healthy and happy.
  • This includes cereals, pulses, nuts, oilseeds, vegetables, fruits, fats, oils, etc.
  • A diet deficient in one of these elements can lead to various ailments.
  • The amount of nutrients and calories differs from individual to individuals and is based on the age, sex and activity undertaken.

Sattvic Food example

Types of Yogic diet

  • There are three types of yoga food-sattvic, tamasic and rajasic.
  • Sattvic food is exclusively a yoga diet.
  • Like yoga, it calms, cools and relaxes your body and mind. Satvic food helps to detoxify the body thus ensures purification.
  • Satvik food promotes health, happiness, harmony, longevity and purity.
  • Tamasic food is negative in nature and not good for health and happy life.
  • Rajasic food is bitter and sour, yet cook fresh but contain more oils and spices as compare to sattvic food.

What is Sattvic yoga food?

Sattvik food primarily contains cellulose, roughage, water, vitamins and high quantity of minerals. These food are sweet, lightly sour, soothing, tolerable alkaline in nature e.g. tomato salad, and juice. Sattvic food is associated with the following properties.

  • Satvik yoga food is considered as positive food.
  • These foods are fresh, non-stimulating, soothing lubricant, non-constipating.
  • Essential for superior moral and intellect discipline and controlled spiritual inclination.
  • Non-stimulating Diet.
  • They are alkaline and live foods.
  • They come under non-mucous forming foods.
  • They are energy-providing foods.

Benefits/advantages of Sattvic food

  • These foods are soothing, refreshing and rejuvenating thus good for health.
  • Easier for digestion and assimilation, helpful for normal excretion.
  • These are cleansing in nature and help to detoxify the body.
  • It is juicy, pleasant, agreeable and conducive for longevity, strength, purity of mind and happiness.

Examples of Sattvik food

  • Non-stimulating diet: Vegetables, fruits, whole wheat flour, less polished rice, millets, bran, carrots, radish, boiled vegetables, legumes, salads, sprouts, nuts, natural condiments, ginger, cumin, coriander, coconut, yoghurt
  • Alkaline diet: All fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, fresh bread, roti, milk, coconut water
  • Live food: Fruits, vegetables, sprouts
  • Non-mucus-forming diet: Fruits, vegetables, salads, soups
  • Energy providing healthy food: fruits, juices, honey, jaggery, milk, nuts

What is Tamasic yoga food?

Tamasik foods are poor in cellulose, roughage, water, vitamins and minerals. It is on account of processing methods. Some of the important features of tamasic food are:

Tamasic food example

  • They are poor in minerals.
  • They are starchy, proteins, spicy, fried refined food, and fatty food like milk products.
  • Stale, fermented, pungent and constipating.
  • They are stimulating diet.
  • They are acidic in nature.
  • They ensure mucus formation.
  • Due to high proteins, high fats, they provoke desire, selfishness, indiscipline and uncontrolled behaviour as well as mood swing.

Disadvantages of Tamasic food

  • Pungent, bitter, spicy, irritating and acidic in nature, (tomato soup) leads to hyperacidity
  • Difficult to digest that results in constipation
  • Retained in the body for a longer time and need positive food for elimination.
  • One should eat negative food sparingly.
  • They are responsible for many diseases.
  • The presence of excess fat leads to obesity.
  • Due to bitter, harsh, pungent and irritating in nature, it leads to depression.

Examples of Tamasic food

  • Food & Diet like: Excess protein, flesh, egg, soybean, white flour, fried fast food, Excess starch and sugar form gases.
  • Stimulating Diet: Spicy and fried food, alcohol, chillies, sauce, black pepper, cinnamon, tea, coffee and tobacco
  • Acidic Diet: Preserved fruits, jam, jelly, flavoured drinks, preserved food, soups, fermented bread, cakes, white flour, sausages, pickles, papad
  • Mucus forming Diet: Milk and milk products, bakery products, spices
  • Disease producing Food: Fermented, stale food, sweet products, ice creams, chocolates, heavy foodstuff

What is Rajasic yoga food?

Rajasik foods are poor in minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients. They are deficient in fibre, roughage and cellulose. Some of the important properties of Rajasic food are:

  • They lack minerals
  • Because of bitter, pungent, spicy and acidic in nature, they lead to acidity and hyperacidity.
  • Due to its starchy and fried features, it causes problems with digestion and result in constipation.
  • They come under negative groups of food.
  • They are stale and fermented.

Disadvantages of Rajasic food

  • They cause acidity, hyperacidity and sometimes ulcer.
  • It causes constipation and other problems associated with it.
  • They are responsible for lifestyle related disorders such as obesity, arthritis, diabetes, etc.
  • It may cause anxiety and depression due to its bitter and pungent features.
  • It may also cause irregular behaviour and ADHD.

Examples of Rajasic food

  • Foods like: Spicy food, fried food products, pungent and spicy one, acidic food, excess sugary food, food forming gases, etc.
  • Stimulating food: Fried food, alcohol, sauce, tea, coffee, tobacco and other beverages.
  • Acidic Food: Jam, jelly, preserved food, soups, fermented bread, sausages, pickles, papad, etc.
  • Dead Food: Egg, meat and fish
  • Mucus forming food: Milk products and bakery products
  • Disease producing Food: Stale food, fast food, junk foods, fermented foods, etc.

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