Unani Medicines For The Treatment Of Arthritis (Waja-ul- mafasil)

Unani system of medicine and arthritis

The word arthritis derives from the Greek word arthron, which means ‘joint’, and the Latin word itis means ‘inflammation’. The condition of arthritis may be found in any age. However, it is more severe in the case of 50-plus people, especially in the developed world. As per data from WHO, about 0.8% of the population of the world is experiencing arthritis condition. Unani can play an essential role in the treatment and management of arthritis. In the Unani system of medicine, arthritis is known as Waja-ul-fail, which includes joint pain. The different joint pain described in Unani are Waja-ul- mafaasil aam (arthritis), Waja-ul- zuhr (back pain), Niqras (gout) and Irqun Nisa (sciatica). As per Unani, arthritis happens due to weak immunity and the digestive system. Unani physicians have been well versed in treating all types of arthritis (Waja-ul- Malaysia). Unani drugs are prevalent, readily available anywhere, cost-effective, and have the most minor side effects on the body.

Unani Medicines For The Treatment Of Arthritis (Waja-ul- mafasil)
Unani for arthritis

Causes of Waja-ul-Mafaasil (Arthritis)

There are many thinkers and ancient philosophers, such as Ali Ibn-e-Abbas Majusi, Ibn-e-Sina, and Samarqandi, who have narrated the causes of arthritis. According to them, some of the important reasons are:

  • Psychic factors
  • Hereditary
  • Joint weakness
  • Balgham (Phlegm)
  • Dam (Blood)
  • Safra (Yellow Bile) and Sauda (Black bile)
  • Lack of exercise (tarke riyazat)
  • The weakness of the stomach (zo’f-e- me’da)
  • Derangement (su-e- tarteeb)
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Voluntary habitual excretion (tarke istifragh-e-aadati)

Symptoms of Waja-ul-Mafaasil (Arthritis)

Some of the significant symptoms are:

  • Joint pain
  • Swelling
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Inflammation and stiffness in the fingers, arms, and legs.

Unani preventive tips for arthritis

  • Regular exercise is of utmost importance.
  • Exposure to sunlight is beneficial.
  • One should avoid extreme exertion, mental stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Positive thinking itself may ease the symptoms of arthritis.
  • Asbab-e- sitta zarooria (Six Essentials of life) viz. Hawa (Air), Maakool wa Mashroob (Food and drink), Harkat wa sukoon-e- badani (Body movement and rest), Harkat wa sukoon-e- Nafsaani (Mental work and rest), Naum wa Yaqza (Sleep and Wakefulness) and Istifraagh wa Ehtabaas (Retention and Evacuation)

Unani principles for Arthritis management

As per Unani’s philosophy, the basic principles followed for the management of arthritis are:

  • Maintaining humoral imbalance
  • Good hygienic practices
  • Flush out toxins from the affected joints
  • Use of proper diet
  • Digestion and appetite improvement

The derangement of humour is responsible for arthritis. The spirit which is responsible for the development of Waja-ul- mafaasil are Phlegm (Balgham), Yellow Bile (Safra), Blood (Dham), and Black Bile (Sauda).

Unani Management of Arthritis

As per the Unani system of medicine, the following treatments are advised for arthritis.

  1. Dieto therapy (Ilaj bil Giza)
  2. Regimental therapy(Ilaj bil tadbeer)
  3. Pharmaco therapy(Ilaj bil dawa)
  4. Surgery (Ilaj bil yad)

In the Unani system of philosophy, priority is given to Regimental therapy and diet therapy. If these treatment doesn’t work, then switch over to pharmacotherapy, and Surgery is the last option for arthritis patients.

Regimental therapy(Ilaj bil tadbeer) for Arthritis

The regimental therapies include the following sub-therapies for joint pain treatment. All these treatments, individually or collectively, give the required result for the disease.

  • Fomentation
  • Massage
  • Leeching
  • Cupping
  • Turkish bath
  • Diaphoresis
  • Concoction
  • Purgation as per the requirement of the condition.

Diet therapy for arthritis

As per Unani, diet plays a vital role in the management and prevention of arthritis. Diet, which is good for arthritis, is Bird meat and fish. Wheat, Bengal gram, Indian millet, Big Beans, French Beans, Palak, Onion, Beetroot, Carrot, Red chilly, Black pepper, Ficus carica, Almond, Pista (Pistacea vera), Walnut, Dates, Apricot, Grapes, Pure ghee, Menthi and papaya.

However, some diets should be avoided. Food items with hot temperament, cold temperament drugs, red meat, protein-rich diet, kidney beans, curd, butter mixed with milk, banana guava, and brinjal may be skipped.

Unani medicine for Arthritis (Waja-ul-Mafaasil)

  1. Make a fine powder of ajwain (25g), Madar flower (25), south (25), Suranjan talkh (25), and sesame oil (300) and boil till the powder is brunt. Strain and keep it in a bottle. Massage gently with lukewarm oil on the joints.
  2. Boil Arand root (50gm) in 2 litres of water and reduce it to half a litre—strain and mix with oil (250ml). Boil till the water evaporates and only the oil remains. Massage gently with lukewarm oil on the joints.
  3. Boil Dathura (4gm) in mustard oil (250 ml) till the fruits are brunt. Strain and keep it in a bottle. Massage gently with lukewarm oil on the joints.
  4. Make a fine powder of 30 grams each of Asgand, Suranjan, Ispand, and Khulanjam. Now take 3gm of it daily with water.
  5. Make a fine powder of Sonth (30gm), Jeera (30gm), Black pepper (15gm), Podina (30gm) and preserve it. Take 3gm of it daily with water.
  6. Make a fine powder from 20 grams each of ajwain, black pepper, Elva, and burnt suhaga, and mix with a sufficient quantity of pulp of Gheekuwar. Now make Bengal gram-size pills and take 4 pieces with water twice a day.
  7. Suranjan Sheirein (Colchicum autumnale)
  8. Zanjabeel (Zingiber officinale)
  9. Khulanjan (Alpinia galanga)
  10. Turbud (Operculina turpethum)
  11. Charela (Pemalia perlata)
  12. Majeeth Irani (Rubia cordifolia)
  13. Kaiphal (Myrica nagi)
  14. Sa’d koofi (Cyperus rotundus)
  15. Qaranfal (Syzygium aromaticum)
  16. Narkachoor (Zingiber Zerumbet)
  17. Majoon Suranjan
  18. Iyarij Feeqrah
  19. Roghan-e- search
  20. Qurs-e-mafaasil
  21. Arq-e- ushbah
  22. Habb-e-mafaasil
  23. Dalook bara-e- waja-ul- mafaasil
  24. Matbook bara-e- mafaasil
  25. Nutool bara-r- mafaasil
  26. Tila bara-e- mafaasil
  27. Nuskh-e- zimaad
  28. Habb-e- suranjan
  29. Roghan-e- chaub chini
  30. Dalook-e- mom
  31. Zimaad-e- aak bara-e- waja- ul- mafaasil
  32. Joshanda bara-e- waja- ul- mafaasil
  33. Farbiyoon
  34. Latookh-e- suranjan
  35. Majoon jograj googal

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