Top 10 Best Health Benefits of Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Yoga Pose)

Meaning of Sarvangasana

Sarvangasana is a Sanskrit word which comprises ‘Sarv means Entire’; Anga means body parts and Asana means pose. It is one of the few yoga poses that stimulates and regulates the entire body i.e. show benefits from toes to fingers. Sarvangasana is known for many important health benefits. The shoulder Stand pose is worked well for the different internal organs of the body and also smoothes the functions of these sensitive organs. Because of its significant roles in the management and preventions of diseases and disorders, the yogasana is known as ‘Mother Of Asanas’. It is one the greatest boons conferred to the humanity by our ancient saints and sages. Since the mother is the harbinger of harmony and happiness at home, in the same way Sarvangasana is strived for harmony and happiness for the body. After learning its technique properly, it is recommended that the Sadhak (practitioner) should perform it every day to make oneself fit and healthy.

Top 10 benefits of Sarvangasana

  1. Prevents thyroid problems: Sarvangasana helps thyroid and parathyroid glands to bathe in blood thereby absorb nutrients from blood thus good for the health of these glands and their functions. It also revitalizes the throat and neck regions ensuring blood flow to it.
  2. Good for heart health: In the pose, the body is inverted and venous blood flow to the heart without any strain by force of gravity thus good for the proper functioning of heart and also prevents palpitations.
  3. Soothes headache: During performing Sarvangasana, the head remains in the inverted position and supply of blood to it is regulated by firm chinlock that leads to soothe of nerves and headache. Regular performing of this asana may cure headache and migraine completely.
  4. Treats hypertension: The pose shows soothing impacts on the nerves thus good for those who are suffering from hypertension, irritation, shortness of temper and nervous breakdown.
  5. Treats insomnia: Due to inverted position of the asana, blood circulation to the ENT region gets enhances and facilitates nutrients supply in this region.
  6. Relieves constipation: The asana regulates free movement of the bowel and vanishes constipation completely.
  7. Gives vigor and strength: Practising this yoga pose on regular basis, helps to provide new vigour and strength and the practitioner may experience peace and confident.
  8. Relives stomach ulcer: It activates the abdominal organs and relives from people suffering from ulcers, intestinal ulcers, chronic pains in the abdominal region and colitis.
  9. Beneficial for asthma: The pose exerts pressure on the sternum against the chin that prevents breathing from the top of the lungs thus cure asthma and other respiratory problems.
  10. Relives from varicose vein: It reduces blood pressure to the blood vessels of the legs thus gives great relief to the people who is suffering from varicose vein. It is also good to the disorders at the heel and groin region.

Wonder benefits of Sarvangasana

Besides the above said health benefits, the Shoulder Stand yoga pose is also known for beauty, skin care, managing hair problems, curing sexual problems and weight loss. Some of the surprising benefits of Sarvanasana are given below:

  1. Prevents hair fall: The asana increases supply of blood as well as nutrients in the scalp region thus prevents hair loss, hair fall and premature graying of hair.
  2. Sexual disorders: Sexual problems and disorders associated with it get relieves from this asana.  It is effective in case of frequent abortions, leucorrhoea, syphilis, etc.
  3. Weight Loss: It smooth the metabolism functions in the body and helps to regulate weight.
  4. Enhances your eyesight: It is good for eye vision as it accelerates the blood circulation in the ENT region. It is also the solution of hearing as well as smelling power of the nose.
  5. Skin care: It helps to remove toxins and other waste products from blood thus prevent many diseases related with skin. It prevents wrinkles, pimples and delay aging. It facilitates adequate blood supply to the forehead region thus good for facial problems.

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