Kundalini Awakening Signs, Symptoms, Risks And Benefits

What is Kundalini awakening?

Kundalini is a sleeping dormant potential force situated at the root of the spinal column. This area is known as Mooladhara Chakra, which is a physical structure. In males, it is in the perineum, between the urinary and excretory organs, while in females, it is in the cervix.

To awaken kundalini, one must prepare oneself through yogic procedures. One should practice asanas, pranayama, kriya yoga, and meditation, which stirs prana into kundalini, waking up the energy that moves through Sushumna nadi, the central nervous canal, and finally to the brain. After the kundalini awakening, it passes through the different chakras interconnected with the brain’s silent zones. With the awakening of kundalini, an explosion may be experienced in the brain as the dormant area starts blossoming like flowers. Thus, kundalini can be equated with awakening the brain’s sleeping rooms.

Kundalini Awakening Signs, Symptoms, Risks And Benefits
Kundalini Awakening

Signs and Symptoms

  • Huge energy sensation in the body seems to be out of control.
  • Experience of snake crawling sensation in the spinal region.
  • Feeling cold in the body during excessive heat in the spine or the respective chakras.
  • Development of a keen interest in practising yoga poses.
  • Feeling of extreme pleasure and happiness that is more sensual than sexual.
  • Uncontrolled mood swings.
  • Hearing strange sounds, like music, thunder, buzzing, etc., which no one else can listen to.
  • Excessive interest in creativity.
  • Feeling full of love and compassion.
  • Slowly, the mind gets still and can focus on a certain point.
  • Past didn’t bother you.
  • Developing more clarity in your thoughts.
  • Trouble sleeping

Kundalini awakening benefits

  • The awakening of kundalini is a significant, pleasant, and historical experience in man’s life.
  • The awakening of the kundalini is one of the most significant events of human life, just as for a mother; having a baby is one of her life’s major and happiest events.
  • It helps to improve mental clarity and focus.
  • It widens the horizon of clarity of thought.
  • Enhances deeper understanding of spiritual concepts
  • Creativity buzz
  • Greater inclination towards the divine.
  • The practice of kundalini yoga is assured of attaining states of expanded consciousness that are safer, smoother, more understandable, and longer lasting.
  • Kundalini yoga is the means for attaining supreme awareness and enlightenment. 

Kundalini awakening stages

  • The complete process of awakening is comprised of several stages as the kundalini rises and passes through the various chakras. It takes quite some time to stabilise fully, but if one understands well, the transition process can be managed without severe difficulties.
  • Although kundalini is said to reside in the mooladhara chakra, some of us may already have reached swadhisthana, manipura, or anahata chakra.
  • When kundalini awakening occurs in sushumna, it may occur in all the stages of life.
  • In mooladhara, the karmas of the lower stages of our evolution are manifested in anger, greed, jealousy, passion, love, hatred, and so on.

Kundalini awakening risk

  • Many people can face problems in controlling and utilising great energy.
  • If you are hypersensitive, have difficulty communicating with others, and live in a fantasy world, you will find kundalini yoga upsetting and even dangerous.
  • If kundalini enters the pranic nadi, Pingala, it could set the whole brain into turmoil.

Kundalini awakening precautions

  • For Kundalini awakening, one must create a balance between the two forces in the physical body, the pranic and the mental, through hatha yoga.
  • Before attempting kundalini awakening, you should process thought purification and develop an understanding of your way of thinking.

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