How to Perform and Practice Yoga Poses and Exercises

How to do Yoga poses?

  • For performing asanas,  thrust should be given on hygiene and sanitation.
  • Practice asanas after cleaning your bowel in the morning.
  • It is recommended to practice Yog at a place which is free from dust and smoke.
  • The surrounding should be clean, airy and having source of sunlight.
  • Body and mind should be in calm state.
  • It is better to perform Asanas early in the morning.
  • Yoga should practices at empty stomach. About 2-3 hours gap should be maintained after taking meal/refreshment.
  • Smooth and flat ground is preferable for doing asanas.
  • It is good to perform asanas after having bath as it helps to fasten blood circulation and  one can feel the impact.
  • Mitahara is advised for better results.
  • Spicy and Oily food should be avoided.
  • Your cloth should be light and loose.

Precautions while performing Yoga poses

  • While performing asanas, breathing should be controlled through nose.
  • Yoga shouldn’t be practice in haste. Do slowly by starting from the first stage and gradually reach to the final stage.
  • Jerk, Jolt, twitch, force, pressure should be avoided while doing Yoga.
  • To ease from fatigue, it is advisable to perform Shavasana  both at the middle and last of the session.
  • Practice as per your own capacity.
  • Advanced asanas shouldn’t be performed by the people who is suffering from  stomach ulcer, tuberculosis, hernia, high blood pressure, etc.
  • It is always advisable to consult Yoga therapist while performing Yog. 

Rules  to follow after practicing Yoga poses

  • Take your bath after 10-15 minutes of Yoga session.
  • Avoid to take food just after Yoga session.
  • Don’t put off your clothes  just after Yoga classes.

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