Ayurveda for Acne Treatment and Wrinkle Prevention

Ayurveda to get rid of Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is one of the important skin diseases that caused due to dead skin cells and skin oil, which clogged the skin pores. Acne is characterised by red skin that may lead to formation of pimples. It may also be erupted as whiteheads and blackheads. Ayurveda can play an important role to get rid of acne and its treatments and prevention.Ayurveda for Acne Treatment and Wrinkle Prevention

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Turmeric scrub has wonderful result against acne vulgaris when applied on the face. When the paste of nutmeg with milk is applied over the face, imparts

glow to the skin and alleviates acne. Applied the paste of grounded silk cotton tree prickles and milk on the face, is helpful in acne treatment and dispigmentation of the skin. The gravity of acne vulgaris reduces when the paste of Arjunja and milk is applied. The paste of Vacha, Lodhra and coriander seeds in water is applied on the face, helpful to cure acne.  Make a paste of Mango ginger and milk; use this paste on your face to combat acne. The decoction of Indion madder is good for complexion improvement and acne treatment. The paste of masura, chananada and shalmali is beneficial to cure acne too.

Ayurveda reduces Wrinkles

As the age advances, the skin often experiences crease-shrinking of soft muscles on the face. Wrinkles are also caused due to excess exposure to harmful UV rays. Treatment for aging wrinkles is available in modern medicine but with side effects. Ayurveda in the form of home remedies is effective for wrinkle removal as natural wrinkle treatment. When the paste of fenugreek seeds mixed with honey is applied on the face, it helps to prevent wrinkles from the face and eye. Lemon oil is used for face massage as herbal treatment, which alleviates the oilness, improves the circulation and prevents the wrinkling.

Ayurveda for Blemish Free Skin

Blemishes are minor skin imperfections which affect the complexion of your face. There are many herbal treatments and home remedies in Ayurveda, which are fruitful in blemish prevention and blemish removal. If you want to get rid of blemishes, you should have to apply the paste of black sesame, cumin seeds and white mustard on your face. The combination is not only acts as blemishes removal but also helpful in face glow. Indian Spikenard root paste has its own significance for blemishes and moles treatments. The decoction of Indion Madder when applied on the face works wonder against blemishes and complexion. The paste of Vacha, Lodhra and Coriander seeds in water when applied on the face is beneficial to control blemishes. The paste of Liquorice (Mulethi) can be used as home remedy treatment for blemishes.  The paste of White Sandalwood is also effective in removal of blemishes.  Make a paste of Lodh tree bark, coriander seeds and sweet flag; apply the same on the face. It acts as anti blemish treatment.  Application of rose petal paste is helpful in curing blemishes and dark patches.  The paste of seeds of bird cherry is good to combat blemishes and face glow. Nutmeg paste is also beneficial in the treatment of blemishes and patches.

Ayurveda to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are open comedo skin spot with comparatively bigger in size over the face. Blackheads are common with more or less all people. There are many ways to get rid of Blackheads. One of the important treatment modalities is Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is effective in removing blackheads from nose and other facial portions. Application of the paste of fenugreek seeds mixed with honey on the face is good for blackhead treatment. This paste is also beneficial to impart soothing to facial glow. The paste of garlic is an effective tool to remove blackheads and black spots. When the mix of arjuna bark powder, manjistha root powder and honey is applied to the face, helps to remove the black spots from the face.

Ayurveda for Pimple Remedy

Pimples are happened due to accumulation of excess oil in skin pores. Pimples are small skin lesion, which hampers the beauty of your face. How to get rid of pimples is one of the important questions. Ayurveda as a home remedy can be used for the treatment and prevention of pimples. The paste of garlic is beneficial in removing pimples. Saffron is one of the common home remedy for pimples and freckles. Cardamom medicated oil is beneficial to ease pimples. The mix of coconut shell oil along with ginger paste is salubrious in pimples treatment. Pimples can prevent after the paste application of fenugreek seeds and honey.  When the decoction of Indion Madder is applied on the face, it imparts glowing complexion and beneficial for pimple remedy. The paste of nutmeg, sweet flag and white sandalwood helps to lessen pimple marks. The paste of coriander fruits, sweet flag, and Lodhra also acts against pimples and dispigmentation.

Ayurveda for Fair Complexion

Complexion means the natural facial appearance of a person. Complexion depends upon hereditary as well as climatic factor. One can observed fair complexion in the temperate region while it’s contradictory may be noticed in tropical zone. Indian Gooseberry is one of the powerful rejuvenator in alternative system of medicine and helps to improve complexion. The massage of Sesame oil and Indian Gooseberry is good to promote complexion of the entire body.  The paste of Giloya (Guduchi) is better complexion improver. Application of turmeric improves the complexion of the skin, therefore, used as bride and bride grooms complexion improver. The mix of turmeric powder and milk when applied on the face is good for shining complexion. The paste of Indian Spikenard is beneficial for smooth complexion. The paste of Ghee and Liquorice imparts radiant complexion of the skin. Application of Mango ginger paste on face imparts smooth complexion. The mix of the powder of Indian Barberry with a mixture of sesame, white mustard, turmeric, daruharidra and kushtha, is extremely beneficial for promoting complexion of the body. The paste of the leaves of Bermuda grass is used as complexion improvement. The paste of nutmeg and milk is greatly helpful for perfect complexion.

Skin Diseases Treatment through Ayurveda

When the paste of Indian Gooseberry fruit is applied on the skin helps to ease the burning sensation and skin rashes. The application of turmeric is good to overcome skin diseases.  The burning sensation of skin can be alleviated by the application of the paste of Indian Spikenard (Balchand) root made along with chilled water. Margosa (neem) is known for its multiple health benefits. Neem is also effective in case of skin disorders and skin diseases. The decoction of Margosa is used for dressing of wound. The paste of bark skin of silk cotton tree when applied over the body helps to pacify the swelling and burning sensation of the skin. The paste of Shankhahuli plant is applied externally and effective in overcoming from skin diseases. The paste of white sandalwood is applied all over the body to pacify the burning sensation of the skin. The combination of paste of chandana, camphor, and khus is preferred for acute burning of the skin. The root paste of costus acts like as a panacea for skin diseases like leucoderma, leprosy, erysielas, ringworm, purities, and foul ulcers. The decoction of Indian sarsaparilla works well against skin diseases like eczema and erysipelas. The paste of ground walnut is helpful in case of dryness of the skin.

Ayurveda Treatment for Itching

When the paste of Mango ginger, bitter cumin seeds and ghee is applied on the skin, helps to reduce the itching and rashes. The application of seed powder of babchi, amalaki and khadir is effective to alleviate scabies and ringworms. The paste of white sandalwood relieves itching. Indian Barberry mixed with honey is a useful application of abrasions and ulcerations of the skin. The paste of Indian Gooseberry is applied on the skin to pacify skin rashes. Saffron is one of the good herbal remedy for freckles. The coconut shell oil with the paste of ginger is beneficial for eczema. Apply lime juice on the skin to relieve the itching sensation. The bath with rough chaff decoction pacifies itching.  The application of the paste of cardamom seeds works well against itching.

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