7 Wonder Tips to Stay Younger Longer

7 wonder tips to look young

1. Ways to be young naturally

Everybody has a strong perception that age leads to degeneration of health, loss of body parts functions and fights with dreaded diseases like heart attack, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cancer, arthritis, etc. But Younger, Longevity and Sound health can be achieved through proper nutrition, positive thinking, daily physical activity, and other simple natural means.

2. Holistic health

Health decides the quality of life and, most importantly, the various aspects of human beings. Health encompasses different domains in itself like physical, moral, social, mental and spiritual. All these domains lead to Holistic Health, generally seen without diseases. Holistic health can be attained by following the natural way of living.

3. Diet and nutrition

Diet and nutrition play vital roles in sound health and longevity. In fact, the food habit is solely responsible for keeping oneself younger and longer. The building units of the body, i.e. cells, survive on food. The proper growth of cells and tissues depends on the foods we eat. Due to some wrong food habits, more toxins and waste products are produced in the body, which delay the development of body cells and tissues. These harmful substances speed up the ageing process. However, this state can be tackled using proper nutrition and a balanced diet.

4. Calorie intake and longevity

Scientifically, it has been proved that excessive calorie intake for a more extended period enhances the age-related process and simultaneously helps to dysfunction many physiological and biochemical reactions in the body. Calorie restriction and increase in life span have research proved base. More calorie intake leads to the functional deterioration of diseases and affects the bodybuilding process and longevity.

5. Antioxidants and ageing

Antioxidants act like as a panacea in delaying the ageing process. Vitamin E has multi-dimensional roles in the positive development of the body. Vitamin E minimises heart attack risk and strengthens the immune system. Scientific research in the USA recommends 100 to 400 international units of Vitamin E a day, 500 to 1000 mg of Vitamin C, and 15 to 25 mg of beta carotene should be taken daily for the proper growth and development of the body, thereby ward off diseases. The best sources of antioxidants are spinach, carrots, broccoli, oranges, bananas, sweet potatoes, almonds and peanuts.

6. Physical exercise

Stagnant life and idleness is the main culprit for ageing. Physical activity is an essential component for health and to look younger. Physical exercise means not only toning muscles but should encompass Yoga and naturopathy. Yoga can contend with your emotions and thought process as emotion is considered one of the vital factors for disease. A morning walk is also recommended for better health.

7. Positive attitude and mental outlook

Positive thinking and a positive attitude can significantly reduce the ageing process. Engaging the mind and brain is suitable for a higher life span as the reason is at its best when occupied usefully and constructively. It is said that a person is as young as he feels. Once, Bernard Baruch said, when I was over 80, I always think of old age as being 15 years that I am. Anxiety, stress, tension and worry kill more people than work.

The most crucial step to being healthy is a change in attitude. Old age doesn’t lead to poor health. There are probably no diseases caused by old age. Conditions in old age are generally associated with stress, strain, and faulty nutritional patterns. The body doesn’t wear out but is degenerated by a deficient diet that sometimes may show disastrous results.

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