15 Yoga Poses and Exercises for Water Retention (Edema) Cure

15 Yoga Poses and Exercises for Water Retention (Edema) Cure

Yoga exercise for edema

There are many yoga poses, which are helpful in treating water retention. Yoga postures have the ability to counter water retention in the different parts of the body such as legs, feet, abdomen, etc. Conquering fluid retention in the body through yoga exercise is well-conceived since ancient times. Besides, Yoga exercises, diet, home remedies, prevention, and precautions are also helpful in the treatment of edema.

What is edema

Edema is a medical condition where the person experiences excess fluid retention in the body parts such as feet, legs, etc., that lead to swelling of the area. The fluid didn’t remove properly from the body tissues, skin, organs, and systems, which may be seen all over the body (generalized oedema) or particular parts of the body (localized oedema). It generally happens during pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome. It also happens when the person stands for a longer time.

Fluid retention symptoms

  • Swelling is common, especially in ankles, feet, and hands.
  • Water retention may be observed in feet, legs, and ankles.
  • Chances of pains in the swelling parts
  • The joints generally become stiff
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Feeling of sluggishness
  • Stiff body
  • Bloated tummy
  • After pressing the skin, it may move in for a bit

Causes of edema

There are many causes of water retention in the body parts. Some of the important reasons are being discussed here.

  • Standing for a longer period of time
  • Poor blood circulation in the legs vein
  • Pregnancy: during pregnancy, the mother experience fluid retention due to hormonal imbalance.
  • A low-calorie diet tends to draw a lesser amount of water from the tissue because of the meager presence of protein, which leads to water retention.
  • MC: Water retention can also be observed before starting the menstrual cycle.
  • Sunny weather: the body observes less outward fluid movement from tissues.
  •  Water retention is common on burn swelling
  • Estrogen containing oral conceptive tends to fluid accumulation
  • Protein deficiency in the body is also responsible for edema
  • Medicines related to high blood pressure and anti-inflammatory tends to retain water in the body.
  • Kidney nephritic problems cause fluid retention
  • Improper pumping of the heart leads to vein congestion and water accumulation in the body.
  • Other medical conditions such as lung disease, liver disease, thyroid problems, and arthritis also lead to fluid retention.
  • Medications and pills also trigger fluid accumulation Lack of vitamin B1 may also prompt edema.
  • High salt intake
  • Congestion in the lymphatic system

How to treat edema

There are many ways that will be helpful in curing edema. Home remedies are also beneficial in the treatment of water retention. Some of the important simple and easy remedies are being described here.

  • One of the important treatments for fluid retention is taking of low salt diet
  • One should avoid alcohol and beverages if experiencing liver problems. One should prefer to take brown rice, which contains pyridoxine and beneficial in easing fluid retention.
  • Give more weightage to fresh fruits and vegetables as these help in releasing water from the body.
  • Cornsilk, horsetail, and dandelion are effective in easing fluid retention.
  • Cranberries are good to excrete more water from the body.
  • Eat more and more protein as taking proteinous foods helps to release excess water from the body. Take those fruits, which are rich in potassium i.e. banana as it encourages to shed more fluid from the body.
  • The use of support stocking is also beneficial.
  • Taking natural diuretics such as cucumber, salads, and cabbage is good to eliminate fluid retention.
  • Do Yoga and exercise regularly to control edema.

List of Yoga poses for edema

Here the list of Yoga asana and exercises, which are beneficial in the treatment and remedies of edema

  1. Tadasana helps to improve blood circulation in the leg muscles by stretching the muscles and nerves, which leads down to cutting down water retention. It is one of the few yoga exercises which provides stretch to all the muscles including the tiny ones from toes to head
  2. Mountain pose enhances stretching in the legs and the feet region thereby helpful in smooth blood circulation reduces the probability of water retention.
  3. Warrior pose is one of the best stretching exercises of hands, legs, abdominal side, and above all to the entire body thus checks edema changes in different parts of the body.
  4. Urdhahastottasana: It gives stretching to the back, neck, abdominal side, spinal joints, waist, hip, and buttock.
  5. Parshavkonasana: The yoga pose gives stretch to the legs, feet, abdomen, and hands
  6. Viparit Karni: There is a stretching and activation of abdominal muscles thereby helps in cutting excess fluid from the belly region.
  7. Sarvangasana: It is the mother of all asanas. It provides proper abdominal as well as upper abdominal stretch and twisting to the body.
  8. Halasana: The Yoga pose is effective for alleviating edema due to suitable stretch on the stomach and feet.
  9. Setu bandha asana: The asana gives satisfactory stretch to the abdominal region.
  10. Asvasanchalan: This is one of the important steps of Surya Namaskar which gives overall stretch to the body and may play a vital role in curing fluid retention.
  11. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation): This is the finest form of cardiovascular exercise and able to facilitate flexibility to the body.
  12. Katichakrasana: Stretching to hands, feet, and abdomen
  13. Trikonasana: It exerts stretch to the feet, stomach, and hands
  14. Bhujangasana: The cobra pose is good for stretching in the abdominal region and hands
  15. Chakrasana: Huge stretch on the stomach, hands, and legs.

Simple home remedies for water retention

  • Keep yourself hydrate
  • Least importance to salt intake
  • Give thrust upon protein
  • Take potassium-rich foods
  • Take vitamin B6, B5, and D
  • Use the lesser amount of beverages
  • Take curd and garlic
  • Take Spinach, cucumber, and cabbage

Edema prevention and precautions

  •  Avoid chips, which are rich in salt i.e. potato chips
  • Processed foods should be avoided.
  • Do Yoga and exercise regularly.
  • Avoid taking beverages like tea, coffee, and alcohol
  • One should prefer to take an adequate amount of water as the hydrated body tends to less retention of fluid.
  •  Keep your head higher than your legs while lying down on your bed.

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