Career in Commerce after 12th-Job Opportunities in Commerce

With the favourable changing scenario around the world in economics and business, selecting the Commerce field as a career option is one of the best to grab. Commerce students are in high demand because of their high acquitances in business, trade, basics of economics, fiscal policies, industrial policies, share markets, stock markets, etc. Considering the burgeoning activity of the market, talented commerce graduates are needed to balance demand and supply.

Commerce Course Details

  • After passing the 12th standard from Commerce stream from the recognised board, one may enrol for a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) degree. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is a full-time, three-year degree course.
  • One can also pursue a Postgraduate course (M. Com) in Commerce. For this, one has to successfully pass the Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) degree from a recognised University.
  • During their course, the students must study the following branches of Commerce: Finance, Business Administration, Accountancy, E-Commerce, Economics, and Marketing.

Courses Available after 12th Commerce


Job-Oriented Career Options in Commerce

Gone are the days when a Bachelor in Commerce course offered two significant options: Accountancy and B.Com with Management.

However, with the industry’s requirements, some specialised disciplines are available in Commerce.

Students now can specialise in Bachelor in Accountancy and Finance (BAF), Bachelor in Banking and Insurance (BBI), and Bachelor in Financial Markets (BFM).

One can also get a good placement after completing the B.Com course and Advanced Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management.

After completing these courses, the graduates often have the opportunity of campus placements where salaries between 3.00 to 9.00 lakh are offered.


MA Degree in Commerce

Postgraduate in Commerce placed you in a better position than B.Com regarding the job market.

MA in Commerce provides you with a wide range of opportunities in the field, such as teaching, civil service exams, higher education, the banking sector, broking, research, actuarial sciences, financial institutions, and the domain of economics.

One can also pursue a PhD after completing an MA in Commerce for higher education and the teaching profession.

Better options are also available at Cost Accountants, Company Secretary and Chartered Accountants.


Career Prospects in Commerce

The career prospects in commerce and related fields, such as Banking, Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Economics, Stock Broking, Cost Work, Accountancy, and Agricultural Economics, are incredibly bright. B.Com, Chartered Accountancy, or MBA will pay you to a more significant extent.

These degrees will organisations pay you to have a good position in public and private organizations.

You may also make your niche in financial engineering if you are ambitious and hardworking.

Choosing CA after the 12th is an exciting and challenging option.

After graduation in commerce, one can select M.Com, Business Economics, Finance Control, MA Economics, or MA operational and Research Statistics at the Postgraduate level.


Career Options in Commerce

  • Accountant
  • Accountant Executive
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Company secretary
  • Cost Accountant
  • Finance Analyst
  • Finance Planner
  • Finance Manager
  • Finance Controller
  • Finance Consultant
  • Investment Analyst
  • Stock Broker
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Tax Auditor
  • Tax Consultant
  • Auditor
  • Statistician
  • Economist


Job Opportunity in Commerce

More or less, all organisations have financial managers, treasurers, controllers, credit managers, and other financial staff.

The door to both private and public organisations is open for commerce graduates.

They may work in this organisation as Managers, Auditors, Specialists, Consultants, Management Executives, Account executives, Junior accountants, and CAs .

Commerce graduates importance increases further after sea changes in various parameters of the economies worldwide.

These economies focus much more on mutual funds, stock markets, venture capital, insurance schemes, etc.


Main Employers

  • Public Organisations
  • Big Business houses/firms
  • Small Business houses, firms
  • Finance and Leasing
  • Banks
  • MNCs
  • TNCs
  • BPOs
  • KPOs
  • The software industry, etc.


Salary in Commerce Field

To a more significant extent, the remuneration in commerce depends upon the area of specialisation and your institutions.

Salary starts at the entry-level level from 35 000-50 000.

Since the significance of business has increased manifolds in the Liberalization, Privatisation, and Globalization (LPG) era, experienced and knowledgeable candidates are getting handsome salaries.

Now, even the fresher earns an annual salary of more than five lacs. 


The best ten colleges offer commerce courses

  1. Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi
  2. Loyola College, Chennai
  3. St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata
  4. Presidency College, Chennai
  5. Symbiosis Society’s College of Arts & Commerce, Pune
  6. St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore
  7. Narsee Monjee College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai
  8. BM College of Commerce, Pune
  9. St. Xavier’s Mumbai
  10. College of Commerce, Patna


Best foreign universities for commerce

  • London School of Economics
  • Harvard University
  • Cambridge University
  • Stanford university
  • The University of Melbourne
  • National University of Singapore

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  1. I want to join Merchant Navy badly. They say that girls can’t be a merchant navy. Well, all that is false but can I be a merchant navy even if I take commerce? If yes, then what are the type of jobs that I can get under it? Thank you.

    • Go for MBA or integrated MBA ,and choose ur specialization care fully as of your interest, or you can go for your or even pH.d,and always have your eye for the prize_goal and career oriented advice

  2. I like commerce by heart and even I can not think of taking any other stream. I am not very good in studies and my family members says to me to take arts because they think I am unable to do commerce and even I also started to think of arts because their are many choices of career but now I finalised comm. Whatever be in future I don’t carewill I like it .it is enough OK thanks

  3. I have recently joined class 11 in commerce stream and I have no regrets in it.But my relatives are saying that if I had chosen science I could have got jobs easily as there are so many fields.One can do honours in physics or any of the science subjects and do the job in the teaching field.They say those who take humanities or commerce they stay unemployed. Is it so?

    • No , absolutely it’s not the thing which would happen … Every subject , whether science,commerce or arts , is important in it’s own way … You can still get a good job in commerce stream as well…there are as much job opportunities in commerce field as in science…it’s all up to you .your choice and your interests…

  4. I have chosen the commerce sream I am checking of what I can do in life so that I can make myself a better person for my daily life I want to prove people wrong of what they are thinking about me is not true

  5. Am a little excellent with economics but I don’t want to struggle with finding a job like my peers and I want to have a lot of fun in the particular job please help.

  6. I m confused to choose subject between arts and commerce because my ambition is to do job like officer in public sector like psc nd upsc nd thinking to take arts in 11but fearing if can not do it then I have no option could it be possible to take commerce nd can go in this direction please suggest me because I have very little time

  7. I have passed class 12 this year only but i am not able to decide what i should now. Whether i should do b. Com or anything else please help me so that i could decide in which field i should go.

  8. I have just passed 10 and I am weak in math’s Iam so confused which stream I should choose science or commerce

    • Hi,
      Whether you are weak or intelligent, it doesn’t affects your choice of stream. If you are interested in Science, go for it, if for commerce, definitely choose this one.

  9. Now i had decided that i m going to take commerce in 11th but i m still tensed about the money spend in commerce courses . As my family is not that much able. Is there is any scholarship chance regarding commerce?

  10. I have no idea what to do after 12 .. and my dream is to become a great journalism but my family is not give me the permission and i’m very confused but commerce is vrey great subject

  11. commerce is a great subject but i have no idea what to do after 12 my dream is become a great journalist but my family is not agree i’m very confused

    • Hi Prachi,
      As far as selection of subjects is concerned, it is better to have those discipline of which you have interest. Your choice in related to Commerce is great.

  12. Sir Im attempting my Cpt in Dec attempt and I’m a bit afraid of ca course so wht are the options if not ca. Is there any value for cs in market or should I do any other coarse. Plzz help

  13. Good Write up…
    Nowadays most of the student want to make their career in government examm because they thought that its easy going job but its not that much easy to get government job.
    so its important to what exactly we want as in career according to that you choose that path.
    Keep Posting…

    • Hi,

      Management, commerce, economics and engineering are safe disciplines. But it depends upon your interest, that plays an important role in pursuing a career in a particular subject.

  14. Hi admin! Right now I’m doing BCom and love accounts. That’s my favourite subject and also the one I’m the best at. Got any suggestions about careers?

  15. I want to do carrier in travel and tourism department soo I’m in std 12th and I’m confused what should i do to move towards my carrier.

    • That’s a good idea. First, complete your 12th standard. There are so many avenues available in the tourism sector. It is booming area and the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India have taken so many important initiatives in this direction.

    • For banking exams, there should be a clarity of Maths (upto 10th standard),Reasoning, English and General awareness. Besides your course, you can also focus on the above said areas.

  16. After passing 12 if you want to be a different professional degree course I can suggest B. Voc Banking finance from National pg

  17. Hello
    I am a twelve standard student and I am not able to figure the best options after my 12 ..
    Kindly suggest me some options which can yield me good salary too.
    Thanks !

  18. Hlo plzz suggest smthing what to choose after 12th bcoz this yr i shall cmplte my 12th my subjects r economics accountancy bsness studies english physical edu. Nd entrepreneurship ….my basic interest is in banking sector ….plz hlp

    • Your combination of subjects are great. Put your best efforts. Any of the mentioned subjects will pay regarding job i banking sector.

  19. After 10th I will take commerce but it is easy or hard it is good feild or not without maths we can do commerce or not. Please reply fast

    • Hi, nothing is Hard or Easy. Everything depends upon your interest and how do you go ahead with it. Even without Maths, one can pursue commerce.

  20. i am a commerce student and i want to make career in civil services. Is it possible? If yes, what are the various ways please help me?

  21. Sheikh Danish
    I passed my 10th std ,now I am med. Student but I want to take commarce .I am also confused about commarce
    Please suggest me ,this is your most kindness

  22. I passed 12 now on commerce..but i confused what taken in bcom,because my foucs is accountancy but economic and business study is good in feature soooo

  23. Sir I’m a student of class 12.I have accountancy, costing and taxation, business studies,commercial law and preliminaries of auditing as my subject.Please help me to choose my carrier option as what to do after my 12 th to get job fast.

  24. I am going to complete my 10th board exams ,and i am only eligible to get commerce in 11th .i have decided to take maths as optional subject .how can i get success in near future ,if i am interested in chatered accountancy?

  25. Sir,I’m student of class 12th .I have accountancy.please help me choose my carrier option as what to do after my 12th to get job fast.

  26. sir i am in 10 th and i am not intrested in taking science and maths related subjects…so even if i take commerce does science and maths includes in it….what are the jobs and salary i could get after taking commerce…

  27. Hi i am rahul.Mai avi class 10 exam dia hoon .mai confused ki mai is k baad keya lu arts ay commerce .scince nahi lunga kiu ki mathand phs is my enemy. So plz suggest me mai keya choos karu.arts yea commerce.plz

  28. I’m a 12th std student. & I have my interest in maths…. plzz suggest me what career options should I opt for after 12th??….

  29. Hi ,
    I have passed 10th ,I am confused that which stream to take non medical or commerce from which stream there are more chances of getting quick and high salary job without much travel

    • First of all, i would to clarify that there is no quick way to get success. Doing better in life, its depends upon your interest and curiosity. Any streams whether science or arts depend upon your interest will prove boon for you.

  30. Hello sir I am a student of 12 comm and my exams are going to end but I have no idea about what I would be doing after that
    My parents are frequently asking me about that. But I am confused and afraid of what to after that

    Sir please help

    • You shouldn’t be confused and afraid in the initial stage of your journey. You are in the formative stage of your life. First complete your graduation in your interested subjects. It will open many opportunities in your life.

  31. Hello sir I am an average student in class 12 and giving my board
    I am ready to do hardwork if its results will be. fruitful
    Therefore ,Sir i request you to please suggest me a job oriented path

  32. hello, if i choose science in 11th with maths, what are the job options available except engineering and medical, which are somewhat related to commerce or numbers?

  33. Hello my name is Aditya I just completed my board exams of class 10 so can you please tell what subjects along with commerce should I have to take for CA.

  34. I recently passed 10th class . I have strong maths. Pls tell me that is it the right way to take commerce and which should i take commerce with economics or commerce with maths
    Pls help me to decide

    • If you are having interest in commerce, it is one of the best bets to go ahead with it for good career points of view.

  35. Hi
    I am a commerce student
    I recently gave cbse claee 12 th board exams
    I am very confused as to what to do after class 12 th
    Can you pls guide me what should i do ?

  36. Hi sir
    I’m studying now 12 commerce we needed a job in finance for eg bank, tax council tax etc so what can I do

    • It is suggested that you should first complete your 12th followed by Graduation in Commerce. After then numerous opportunities will open before you.

  37. I am in class 12 with commerce stream I get confused what to do after 12th .I am very interested and good at accounts.

  38. Hi,
    I am very much confuse what to do our 12th. I like practical subject very much specially stats…
    But I am not interested in doing CA.. can u tell what to do?
    Subject in 12th were Organisation of commerce, economic, account,stats

    • CA is one of the options with commerce, economic, account,stats, etc. Its not the final goal. There are so many career opportunities available after completion of graduation with the said disciplines.

  39. I had passed 10th after that what I need to do.
    My parents say to take bio-maths. I am confused what to take in commerce what is the situation means how many people choose it and is it difficult to get job in the field (C.A)

    • All the subjects have its own relevance, especially for career points of view. The choosing of subjects should be depend upon your interest.

  40. I want to become a chartered accountant or any job with high salary more than 2 lac…..
    now I’m studying +2 commerce …pls suggest me what I’ll take after +2 !!!!

    • First complete your 12th and Graduation along with your interested discipline. As far as salary is concerned, Its depends upon caliber,experience, sincerity, dedication, etc.

  41. I am a cricketer and I have achieved 94.20% in ssc exam and I want to become ca along with playing cricket I ‘m really confused please tell me can i do it

  42. i am in 9th and we have a option of choosing commerce i am decided that i am going to pursue my carrer in the field of commerce what should i take commerce or science so that i can compelete my basic knowledge about science

  43. I have confused where I want to choose my path on ca , or as computer application student so I want some suggestions for my future now I am in 11th std please help me i want to be senior most person in this course please give guidelines

  44. currently I’m in class 12 th with commerce with maths And further want to pursue for Bsc in statics .
    Moreover I want to study in abroad .So please consult me some tips .

  45. I had completed my bachelor’s and appearing for master’s. And i want to earn my livelihood what shoud i do now??

  46. Hii I am 12th student… I am very confused about what to do after complete my examination..can you please suggest, wht should I do now ?


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