Yoga Tips for Height Increase

Yoga Tips for Height Increase
Yoga for height increase

Everybody longs for a suitable height, whether a boy or a girl. The growth and height factor is significant for growing children, but the domain is more concerned with girls. Girls are very conscious of height.  Height matters a lot for personality. Height boosts up your character. Good height gives you great inner satisfaction. There are so many factors that are contributing to height. Some critical factors are genetics, growth hormone, nutrition, environment, etc. Size can be increased only up to 20-25 years.

Yoga for Height

Growth is possible only through natural means, physical exercise, diet, and the most important factor in Yoga. Yogic practices enhance and sustain the functional ability of the body. Some yogic practices, especially standing yoga and asanas, are highly beneficial to the growth of children in terms of height. Yoga can increase flexibility and suppleness in the body and also help accelerate the function of the body. A few yoga asanas help to stretch your spine. These yogic practices enable you to increase your height by a few inches—the regular rules of some yogic are poseable to correct deformities of bones related to size. Yoga helps decompress the spine, strengthens vertebrae, and makes you taller by some inches. Thus, yoga directly or indirectly helps to make you taller.

How to increase height through Yoga?

Tadasana (Palm Tree Pose)

Tadasana means Palm Tree Pose. In this yoga asana, the body remains erect, and the person gazes towards the sky, also termed a heavenly pose. Tadasana enables the entire spinal column to stretch and loosen from top to bottom, helping a healthy spine. Tadasana is a very beneficial yoga for the right spine stretching and helps to correct posture. All these processes of straightening of the spine show promising results for height. Thus, Tadasana is considered one of the best yoga poses to increase height among growing children.


Benefits of Tadasana

  • Tadasana effectively stretches nerves and muscles, thereby balancing the functions of various body organs.
  • Tadasana is essential for a healthy spine, toning abdominal organs and muscles, which also helps to increase height.
  • It develops a sense of balance.
  • It also toned up other muscles
  • It helps sciatica patients.
  • Tadasana makes your toes stronger.


How to perform Tadasana? 

  • How to do Tadasana? The following techniques have to be followed step by step.
  • Stand erect by having your feet 15 cm apart.
  • Gaze your eyes open throughout the period.
  • Breathe deeply while moving up your arms with an open palm; it should be directly above your head.
  • Now, raise your heels, try to stand on your toes and stretch the body from top to bottom as far as possible.
  • Keep your stomach in, chest forward, and spine stretched.
  • Weight should be distributed evenly both on the toes.
  • Exhale; slowly take your arms down along with the body.
  • In the standing position, relax for some time.
  • One should try to fix one’s gaze at a particular point.


Trikonasana (Triangle Posture)

Trikonasana (Triangle Posture) is beneficial in stretching muscles of the spinal column, thus helpful in making a flexible and elongated spine. Trikonasana has been very successful in power expansion, thereby increasing height among growing children. Trikonasana relieves backache and strengthens the buttocks. This asana is also beneficial for sciatica patients.


Benefits of Trikonasana

  • Trikonasana helps to increase appetite.
  • Trikonasana strengthens the buttock and ease backache.
  • It is suitable for the lungs.
  • Trikonasana helps cure pimples, boils, and blemishes.
  • Also helpful in increasing height.
  • It helps to remove constipation.
  • Trikonasana manages diabetes.
  • This asana proves useful for patients with sciatica if practised slowly.


How to do Trikonasana?

  • Stand erect with legs apart, keeping one arm on the leg and another parallel to the shoulder on the same side; do it with inhaling.
  • Exhale; come to the original or standing position.
  • Follow the same procedures for the other side.


 Hastottanasana (Up-stretched Arms Posture)

Hastottanasana consists of two words: Hasta, arms, and Uttana, expand up or stretched up. Therefore, this asana is also known as the Up-Stretched Arms Pose. Hastottanasana is the 2nd and 11th Yoga postures of Surya Namaskara. The Up-stretched Arms Posture helps increase height. It is beneficial in removing fats from the hip and buttocks.  It also relieves constipation.


What are the Techniques for Hastottanasana?

  • This is the standing pose. Hastottanasana can be performed straightforwardly. How to do Hastottanasana is being mentioned here?
  • Erect on the ground with your feet together.
  • Inhale, raise your arms by interlocking your fingers.
  • Exhaling, bend to the left side from the waist.
  • Slowly come to the original position
  • Repeat the same practice for the right side.

Benefits for Hastottanasana

  • Hastottanasana is good for the back, neck, and spinal joints.
  • Provide flexibility to the spine.
  • Helps to a slim waist.
  • Helps to remove fats from the hip and buttocks.
  • It relieves constipation.


Dhanurasana (The Bow Pose)

In Sanskrit, the meaning of dhanu means bow. In the final stage, the asana took the form of a bubble. Hence, it is called a bow pose. Dhanurasana acts as a rejuvenator for the spinal column. Dhanurasana is good stretching yoga, relieves stiffness, and provides flexibility and suppleness to the spine. Dhanurasana is suitable for achieving a healthy spine, thereby helpful in increasing height among growing children.


Dhanurasana Techniques

  • Lie down on the stomach position with arms parallel to your body.
  • Your feet should be wide apart.
  • Bend the knee and grip the ankles with your hands.
  • Lift your thigh, head, and chest to a certain height so it seems like a bow.
  • Maintain the position for some time and gradually come to the original position.


Health Benefits of Dhanurasana

  •  Dhanurasana strengthens arms, neck, back, abdomen, and thigh muscles.
  • The bow pose improves digestion.
  • Dhanurasana makes the dislocated navel right.
  • It is good for sexual vitality
  •  Dhanurasana helps to increase lung capacity, thus good for asthmatic patients.
  • Dhanurasana will massage the pancreas, thereby helpful in diabetes.
  • It is also suitable for chest-related problems.


Chakrasana (Wheel Posture)

The meaning of chakra is a wheel. In the final stage, the asana seems like a wheel, known as the wheel pose. Chakrasana is one of the essential extending asanas, which fortifies and straightens the spine, thus causing you to be taller. Chakrasana helps in spine stretching and strengthening, increasing flexibility and suppleness.


Chakrasana Techniques

  • Lie down on the supine position. 
  • Now, bend the both the legs and place the heels near the buttocks.
  • The feet should be about 12 inches apart.
  • Bend the arms and place the hands on the ground, pointing fingers towards the shoulders.
  • Slowly, raise the head and trunk off the ground by keeping the the legs and arms straight.
  • Maintain the posture for a few seconds and come to the original position.


Chakrasana benefits

  • Chakrasana is delaying ageing.
  • Chakrasana is beneficial in making the vertebral column supple and resilient.
  • Helps to remove the rigidity of the spinal region.
  • It shows positive impacts on every part of the body.
  • Chakrasana practices discourage frozen shoulders.
  • Practicing this asana helps to increase height at the growing age between 12-15 years.


Role of diet in height

Diet plays an influential role in enhancing your height to some inches. The diet regimen, exercise, and a balanced lifestyle are promising to give a better personality. Protein diets, yoga practices, and activities increase height and boost your personality.


Exercises for height increase

Increasing height through surgery and drugs are of no use. It causes pain and puts an excess burden on your budget. However, exercises are helpful to increase height up to 2-3 inches. Hanging also helps in stretching your body and works well in increasing height. A rigorous fitness regimen of exercises helps to shed fat and weight thereby, one feels slim and comfortable on the personality front.


Power Yoga increases the height

Power yoga is a form of muscle flexibility that provides the right kind of stretch to joints and muscles. Power yoga is the complete package for body workouts where the maximum thrust is given to flexibility and strengthening of muscles. Power yoga is the combination of some powerful stretching yoga practices along with synchronisation of breathing. Power yoga leads to profuse sweat and a rigorous regimen that gives you a slim and trim look.

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