Yoga Exercises for Women Health

Yoga for Safe Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most exciting and challenging moment in a woman’s life. The growth and development of the unborn baby may be affected from hypertension, diabetes, stress, tension, anxiety, depression and from other diseases and disorders of mother. These problems along with lifestyle disorders may lead to exaggerate pregnancy conditions. Sometimes the mother takes heavy dose of painkillers that is not safe for the unborn baby. Yoga, which is known for promotive, preventive and curative interventions  along with therapeutic potential, is quite efficacious to solve many problems during pregnancy. Yoga can play a vital role to safe the mother from various illness and ailments.Yoga Exercises for Women Health

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Yogic Intervention for Safe Delivery

Yoga is helpful to have safe and normal pregnancy delivery. Yoga, asanas, pranayama and meditation are helpful in reducing pregnant related problems like backache, leg pain, nausea, cortisol levels and promote normal labour.

Yoga for first Trimester (1-3 months)

In the first trimester, one may practice the yoga practices such as Ardha Titali asana (Half Butterfly), Poorna Titali asana (Full Butterfly), Supta Udarakarshan asana (Sleeping Abdominal Stretch Pose), Marjariasana (Cat Stretch Pose), Kati Chakrasana (Waist Rotating Pose), Tadasana (Palm Tree Pose) and Utthanasana (Squat and Rise Pose). Ardha Titali asana is one of the important asanas that is extremely beneficial for safe delivery. Supta Udarakarshan asana is helpful in relieving spine stiffness due to prolonged sitting. Marjariasana is the excellent asana for post pregnancy to tighten the abdominal muscles. Marjariasana is also effective in case of stiff and chronic backache.

Yoga for second Trimester (3-6 months)

Yogasanas such as Matsya Kridasana (Flapping Fish Pose), Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose), Bhadrasana (Gracious Pose), Marjariasana (Cat Stretch Pose) and Hasta Utthanasan (Hand Raising Pose) may be practised during 3-6 months pregnancy period. Matsya Kridasana helps to lose fat around waist and good for relaxation and sleeping. Vajrasana reduces acidity and can be practised just after meal. Bhadrasana is extremely beneficial in pregnancy and facilitates easy child birth.

Asanas for third Trimester (6-9 months)

For third trimester, loosening exercises are suggested. Yogasanas like Ardha Titali asana, Poorna Titali asana, and Supta Udarakarshan asana are good. Vajrasana can be performed in all the trimesters.

Yoga Precautions during Pregnancy

Some yogasanas shouldn’t not be performed during pregnancy or in any trimester.  These asanas are Forward/ Backward Bending, Sarvangasana, Matsyasana, Pawanmuktasana, Ardha Shalabhasana, Pascimottanasana, Sasankasana, Bandhakonasana, Vakrasana, Ardhamatsyendrasana,  Sasankasana Breathing, Padhastasana, Viprit Karni,  Bhjungasana, Ustrasana and Vakrasana.

Yoga for Beauty

Yoga is effective to enhance your beauty. There are various yogic exercises which can be used to keep your face free from wrinkles, pimples, acne and blemishes. The asanas like Vrakshasana, Shirshasana and Kapolshakti vikasasaka are very useful. Uthit Kati Chalana is quite useful in removing wrinkles from the neck. Supthasta Padangushtasana is helpful to fight wrinkles on the neck and face.  If you are facing problems like dark circles under your eyes, you should practise Ardha-Ushtrasana (Half camel pose). Sitkari and Sitali pranayama are extremely beneficial for facial beauty. These pranayama should be especially practised by girls.

Yoga for Sexual Development

Yoga is beneficial in development of vigour, power, vitality and sex. Yoga is good for better sex. It is good for sexual organs development too.  Garudasana (Eagle Pose) enlarges testicles and strengthens thigh and muscles. Siddha Yoni Asana (The female accomplished pose) is extremely beneficial for physical sexual organs growth of women. Matsyasana (Fish Pose) is good for throat diseases and beneficial in curing of women sexual malfunctioning. Vrishasana (Bull Pose) is useful for sexual organs. Shalbhasana and Dhanurasana help to invigorates sexual vigor. Moolbandha enables the practitioner to maintain a good control on his sexual desires. Marjariasana has been found to be very useful in improving the health of these organs and helping in to eliminate reproductive disorders. Bhujanasana asana massages the sexual organs. Sarvangasana tones the reproductive organs and helps to prevent degeneration of testes, gonads and ovaries as well as other sexual organs. Moola Bandha helps to transmute sexual energy.

Yoga Treatment for Sexual Diseases

Women are prone of various sexual diseases and gynaecological disorders. Yoga can play vital role in leucorrhoea, menstrual problems and other diseases. Vyaghrasana (The Tiger Stretch Pose) loosens the stiff spines. Women suffering from sexual disease like leucorrhea should practice this asana. Sasankasana (Hare Pose) is good in the management of sexual and gynaecological disorders. Shalbhasana regulates the menstrual cycle of women. Women suffering from menstrual irregularities and leucorrhea have achieved enormous benefits from regular practice of Marjariasana. At the time of menstruation, Marjariasana can give relief from menstrual cramps. Ladies who suffer sexual ailments like leucorrhea should do Vyahrasana on regular basis. Paschimottanasana has been useful for alleviating various types of sexual maladies. Yoga Mudra is helpful to alleviate various types of sexual disorders. Sarvangasana helps to alleviate leucorrhea and spermatorrhea. Sarvangasana has been found useful in helping to relieve menstrual, menopausal and other sexual disorders. Kandharasana is an excellent asana for helping to alleviate sexual malfunctions and to prevent any tendency towards miscarriage in child birth.

Yoga after Child Birth

Agnisara is helpful in improving digestion, reduces stomach fat after child birth. Marjariasana is the excellent asana for post-pregnancy case as it tightens the abdominal muscles and encourages the abdomen to resume its normal shape. Shashank-Bhujangasana is particularly useful for toning female reproductive organs. It is excellent asana for post-pregnancy women to strengthen and tighten the abdominal and pelvic region. It is especially useful for relieving menstrual disorders. Women who just completed child birth should do Vyahrasana to bring about normality and firmness in the relevant regions.

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