How To Do Ardha Chakrasana-Steps, Benefits And Precautions

Meaning of Ardha Chakrasana

In Sanskrit, Ardha means ‘half’, and Chakra means ‘wheel’. While performing this yoga pose, the body takes the shape of a half wheel, called Half wheel posture or Ardha- chakrsana. This essential standing yoga pose is known for many significant health benefits. 

Learn to do ardha chakrasana in 3 steps.

The pose will helps to practice the yoga step by step correctly.
Half wheel pose

Step 1

  • Stand erect on the ground with feet together and put both palms on the lower back by bending the elbows.

Step 2

  • Inhale, slowly bend your head backwards, followed by your back at your convenience.

Step 3

  • Maintain the pose with slow and deep breathing as long as one feels comfortable.

Step 4

  • Exhale come to the original position. Have a relaxation and complete another two rounds.

Top 10 benefits of Ardha Chakrasana

  1. Respiratory congestion: This is one of the best yoga poses to treat and cure respiratory congestion and problems related to the lungs, viz. asthma, bronchitis, blockage of nasal passage, clearing alveoli, etc. It also helps increase lung capacity, ensuring benefits and good health.
  2. Neck pain: It is good to treat neck pain if it is performed with care. Here, one should be given a thrust on soothing stretching of neck muscles and nerves.
  3. Spinal health: The pose benefits stiff back muscles and nerves. It can be used to de-stress, strengthen, and supple back muscles and nerves.
  4. Weight Loss: It can shed extra fats from the abdominal side. But for this, one must perform it regularly and follow the abovementioned steps.
  5. Abdominal congestion: Many people complain about the heavy stomach and gases. This yoga pose ensures lightness and relieves the practitioners from many gaseous problems. It also enhances the efficiency of abdominal organs.
  6. Upper body yoga: If you desire to make your upper body fit, practising this yoga is the best bet to include in your routine.
  7. Controls metabolism: The yoga pose provides a soothing massage to the thyroid gland, thus controlling hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. It also regulates metabolism and holds weight.
  8. Legs strengthening: It is suitable for the knee, hips, nerves and muscles of the leg.
  9. Enhances efficiency: Removing sluggishness energises your body, thus enhancing the efficiency of various systems.
  10. Pancreas stimulation: It is good to control sugar as the yoga pose stirs the pancreas to secrete the optimum insulin level in the blood.

Ardha Chakrasana precautions

The following persons should take precautions while performing this yoga pose.

  • High blood pressure patients should avoid practising this yoga pose.
  • Acute backache
  • Abdominal injury
  • Spinal injury
  • Dizziness
  • Neck injury

Top 10 facts of Ardha Chakrasana

  1. Ardha chakrasana is known for abdominal and frontal stretch.
  2. It can be practised to eliminate unwanted fats from the body.
  3. The practice of the pose helps to overcome many postural defects.
  4. It also gives you relief from menstrual-related issues.
  5. It gives adequate massage to the shoulders.
  6. It is suitable for the front upper torso.
  7. It shouldn’t be practised in the case of vertigo.
  8. While performing the pose, minimise the gap between the elbows. It will facilitate more fresh oxygen into your lungs.
  9. It shouldn’t also be performed in case of cardiac health.
  10. While performing the yoga pose, breathing awareness should be the utmost focus.

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