Yoga Exercises for Sportsperson and Athlete: Benefits of Power Yoga

Power Yoga for Weight Loss

Power Yoga greatly helps you for weight loss. If you want slim and trim body, you should practice Power Yoga as it not only enhances your flexibility but also helps in fat burning process of the body.

Top benefits of Power Yoga

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Power Yoga decreases tummy fat

Power Yoga is a good form of fat burning process. Power Yoga generates intense heat and the body sweats profusely. It intensifies the catabolism and anabolism process. Since it’s a whole body rigorous workout, if practices thrice a week helps to lean the fatty layer and ultimately burns the fat.

Power Yoga tones and slims the body

Power Yoga produces heat inside the body. Profuse sweat cleanses the various organs and muscles. Power Yoga enhances blood circulation. The powerful work out gives the body flexibility, muscles stretching, muscles strengthening and provides a new look to the body.  It is also responsible for lean body muscles. As far as flexibility is concerned, it is one of the best forms of Yoga where Power Yoga increases flexibility by improving joints movements and increasing muscle strength.

Power Yoga is a complete body workout

Power Yoga develops endurance, stamina and builds the body. Since, it’s the amalgamation of Ashtang Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Hath Yoga, etc. it works on the body through different angles. It Helps to maintain body posture, and enhances strength, and leads to synchronization of body-mind.

Power Yoga relieves stress

Power Yoga desires for Self-discipline. Being an integral part of Yoga, it promotes mental stability and concentration, improves ability to focus. Power Yoga improves ones focus and concentration and relieving mental stress and anxiety. It acts like as stress buster and mood elevator.

Which Yoga is good for sportsperson?

Power Yoga provides flexible and streamlines body by reducing fat and enhancing metabolism. Since it is the complete body workout, greatly helps in making lean muscles. It not only gives a better shape to your muscles but also strengthens the weaken muscles.  Power Yoga is known for muscles stretching, muscles strengthening, and enhances joints movements. All these are good aspects for Sportspersons and athletes.

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