7 Best Unani Remedies to Treat Viral Fever (Hummiyat)

Fever is common across all the seasons. Its severity and seriousness get manifold because of its viral nature. The cases of fever are more prevalent during summer and rainy seasons. Rises in temperature, headaches, pain all over the body, coughs, and catarrhs are some standard features. During fever, people generally prefer to take modern medicines to fight against viral fever. However, Unani medicines, drugs, and home remedies are also effective in treating and managing viral fever.

7 Best Unani Remedies to Treat Viral Fever (Hummiyat)


7 Best Unani medicines to treat viral fever

  1. Take Afsantin (5g.), boil it in 120 ml. of water, and then strain it. It can be taken twice daily. One thing that should be kept in mind is that the formulation is very bitter.
  2. Take Khaksi (6g.), boil it in 120 ml. of water, then strain it. This herbal extract may be taken twice a day.
  3. Tender shoot of Neem (6g.) and boil the same in 180 ml. of water and strain, sweeten with sugar. The formulation can be taken twice a day
  4. Crush Giloy (12 g.) and mix it with sugar (6 g.). Now, boil in 250 ml. of water unless it reduces to half, strain and sweeten with sugar. It can be taken twice daily.
  5. Fresh Tulsi leaves (25 g.) and Kali Mirch (Black pepper) (1g.). Grind with water and make Bengal gram-size pills.1 pill with water thrice daily. This drug is especially useful for malarial fever.
  6. Make a fine powder of Kernel of Karanjwa (69) and Kaiphal (3 g.)—administration: 500 mg. with water twice daily.
  7. Habb-e-Tape-Balghami 1 pill with water twice daily; Habb-e-Shifa, 1 pill with water twice daily; Habb-e-Mubarak, lg. with water twice daily and Sufoof Sat-e-Gilo can also be taken.


Unani drugs for Smallpox (Judri)

It is an infectious and epidemic disease. It causes headaches, backaches, shivering, and high fever. Eruptions appear on the skin on the third day and become blisters filled with pus on the eighth day.

  1. Unnab (5 number), Khaksi (3g.), Maweez Munaqqa (5 number) and boil in 120 ml. of water and strain. Use it twice daily.
  2. Moti (Small pearls), 2 to 3 pearls to be administered to the patient for two or three days. However, this can also be used as a preventive measure during an epidemic of smallpox.
  3. Dry and make a fine powder of Barg-e-Gul (Rose petal). Adıministration: Sprinkle the powder on the pimples.
  4. Apply cow’s ghee (clarified butter) or Sesame oil on the scars.
  5. Prepared Medicines like Khamira Marvwarid (3g. twice daily), Khamnira Gaozaban sada (4 g. twice daily), Sharbat Khaksi (30 ml. with water twice daily) and Sharbat Unnab (30 ml. with water twice daily are also beneficial.


Unani Medicines for Measles (Khasra) treatment

It is an infectious epidemic disease. The patient first has an attack of catarrh, sneezing, running nose and eyes and fever. After four or five days, pustules of red colour appear, first on the face and then on the rest of the body. Prescriptions and prepared medicines for smallpox are advised for measles too.

  1. The patient suffering from smallpox and measles must be very rigidly isolated, and no one who has been vaccinated should undertake the nursing. When swollen, the eyes should be soothed by cold compresses and washed with suhaga water.
  2. Mouth-wash is also advisable.
  3. Hot and spicy articles of food should be avoided.
  4. Liquid diet may be given.


4 Effective tips to fight off viral fever

  1. Drink plenty of fluids in the form of water and juices.
  2. Adequate rest is of utmost importance.
  3. A Lukewarm bath is preferable.
  4. Small meals are better.

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