Top 5 Best Paying Jobs in India

5 best paying jobs in India

The time of the Job Industry Boom results in the fastest-growing jobs. After the period of Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization (LPG), Multinational Companies and Tri-National Companies have widened their activities in India, opening the opportunity for the best-paying jobs in India. Due to the boom in the Indian economy, continuous economic growth, and bang in the IT and Electronic sector, students get the best-paying jobs offer and highest-paying jobs package just after their bachelor’s degree. Here, get the list of Top jobs in India from a remuneration point of view.

1. Jobs in Master in Business Management (MBA)

Master’s in Business Management has always been a hot offer. MBA is the best-paid job in India. If you want to make a career in top-paying jobs sectors, choose the career option of an MBA in India. If you clear the test like Common Admission Test (CAT) and get the opportunity to graduate from the Indian Institute of Management (IIMs), and IBS, the package is one of the highest. Engineering from IITs and an MBA from a good institution are the best jobs in India. Generally, it varies from 7 to 20 lakh. But for the deserving and meritorious candidates, salary is beyond expectation. In some cases, it touched the figure of 1 crore.  Students passing the MAT entrance exam and getting admission to good management colleges also fetched good salaries.

2. Jobs in Aviation Industry

In the case of job prospects, Airlines Industry is one of the top-paying jobs sectors in India.  The new player has given a tremendous boost to the aviation industry in recent times. There is a wave of demand for qualified pilots, captains, ground staff, stewards, flight attendants, air hostesses, air traffic controllers etc. All these are high-paying jobs and handsome salary is offered to all these employees. The pilot draws a wage of 8-15 lakhs per month. Flight engineers get 40-50 lakhs per annum. So, Aviation Industry is one of the excellent job options.  The aviation industry is also known as one of the best job options for women.

3. Jobs for Software Engineers

After the penetration of MNCs and TNCs, the software sector is booming. This is the sector which is achieved the highest growth among the industries. Professionals like software developers, software engineers, quality assurance engineers, etc., are in huge demand. An experienced software engineer may draw a salary from 15-25 lakhs. It is one of the best-paying jobs with a bachelor’s degree in engineering. It is also one of the rewarding career options.

4. Jobs in Mechanical, Electronic and Chemical Engineer

Sectors like Mechanical, Electronic, and Chemical engineering are considered a hot cake. Due to diverse development in the infrastructure sector, the importance of these disciplines has increased so much. If the candidate comes from a renowned institution like IIT, there is a significant boost in the salary package. These areas are the highest-paying career sectors and cater to the candidates for the highest-paying jobs in India and abroad.

5. Jobs in Chartered Accountants

Whether in the private or government sectors, all companies and organisations need Chartered Accountants to maintain their accounts and financial accounts. Though passing the final year of CA is tough, even students start earning in their second or third year of the course. The freshers even draw 4-5 lakhs per annum in the profession. For experienced Chartered Accountants, salary is not the bar. The field of Chartered Accountants is considered one of the best job options in India.

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  1. I have done my graduation with economic honours and diploma in mass communications. I am still not able to get proper jobs
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    What should I be doing in order to increase my better
    salary prospects? Should I do a post graduation course ? If yes,
    then in which stream should I select a course?

  2. Should I upgrade my educational qualifications of graduation degree of economic honours & diploma with mass communications to which post graduation degree?


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