Career in Modeling after 12th-Job Opportunities in Modelling

Modelling Meaning and Definition

Modelling is one of the sought after professions in the recent times among the youngsters. Modelling life is full of thrill, glitz, glam and fame. You are followed by the tinsel industry, media, TV channels and social brethren of the society. The profession gives you respect, good standard of living and comforts. The modelling field is good both for female as well as male models. Due to diverse consumer products, kids modelling are also in vogue. You become the talking points at many circles of the society and closely observed by the fashion world. So making career in modelling is the profitable choice. However, the modelling field is also characterised with cut throat competition, tight work schedule, stress and strain. A supermodel is not an output of one or two days, it needs time and patience to reach at that level.

Jobs in Modelling

As the fashion, TV and advertising industries are mushrooming, so there is no as such dearth of jobs on the modelling arena. The modelling field offers array of job opportunities. They are not only restricted to modelling yet get good employment opportunities in Bollywood, TV channels, serials, reality shows, game shows, and other TV programmes. Lucrative jobs are available at ad and fashion industry.  More or less all the companies want to highlight their products. The best and reasonable way is to endorse the product through beautiful and smart models. An established model charged handsome money for his work. The various forms of modelling in the market such as print modelling, ramp modelling and televised modelling increase the significance of the models.  The good model even makes felt his/her presence at the International level and too endorses international brands. In the modelling fields, the models get the opportunity to meet diverse people. The sectors also offer opportunity to see different locations of the world.

Career in Modelling

The field of modelling is glamorous and give you a prosperous career but making a sustained niche is one of the vital issue before all the models. You have to develop certain qualities such as patience, good social networks, and a great sense of professionalism. It is not necessary that one will get full fledge opportunity in modelling fields. Initially, one may have to start from small things like a small TV ad, or simple role in show businesses. There are many models who are doing very well in the Bollywood. In fact, they have made a separate niche for themselves in the film industry. Both men and women have promising careers in the fashion and modelling industries. Participation in Photo shoots from the early age is the added advantage.  To make a good model, the person should have the characteristics like optimistic view, high level of confidence, patience, perseverance, good facial appearance, optimum height and solid body along with photogenic face.

Modelling is one of the highest paid jobs in 2012. So, making career in modelling is the judicious steps in these days. Modelling connects you both from small as well as big screens. Post LPG era, the Indian economy experienced robust growth that too stirs the requirements of models in the industry like advertising, electronic media, fashion, textile, FMCG products, cosmetics, etc. The different lucrative modelling fields are: runaway, catalogue, showroom, fit, promotional, television, videos, print advertisement and editorial modelling.

Institute Offers Modelling Course

Modelling courses boost up your personality, helps to develop your forward looking approach, and provide many tips to excel in this field. There are very few modelling courses are available in the country. Maximum of them are located at Mumbai and Delhi. The cost of modelling ranges from Rs 25, 000 to Rs 50, 000.

The modelling institutes provide classes, styling sessions, etiquette sessions and grooming sessions to boost your confidence. Many experts across supermodels, fashion photographers and stylists are hired by the institutes to develop self-confidence among the aspiring models. These etiquette sessions also help the models to walk on the ramp, advertisement pose, and carry designer’s clothes. Workshops are being conducted by the Institutes to instil confidence. All these are the very important features for male models, female models and kid models. After doing all these exercises, it has become easy for the institutes or agencies to make a rapport with model coordinators, casting directors, advertising agencies, production house, and fashion photographers for their aspiring models.

Modelling Institutes

  1. Elite School of Modelling at Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore
  2. Models Guru, Delhi
  3. Polytechnic for Women, Delhi
  4. Glitz Modelling, Delhi
  5. Platinum Models Inc. , Delhi
  6. Face1, Mumbai
  7. YSG Worldwide Model and Promotion Co., Mumbai
  8.  Ozone Models Management, Mumbai

How to become a Model?

There are many requirements to be a successful model. Some of the characteristic features that play pivotal role in modelling career are:

  • Ready to face the cut throat competition
  • Hard work and dedication should be in ethics
  • The field is highly competitive with short -lived career
  • Lesser importance is given to educational qualification while much more thrust is paid on physical attributes
  • Hectic work schedule
  • Professional ethics
  • High level of patience
  • Good social networks
  • Good looking face
  • Optimum height, 5 ft to 6ft for females and 5ft plus for males.
  • Solid body structure
  • Enviable body
  • Photogenic face
  • Have the ability to face physical and mental stress
  • Camera friendly
  • Good knowledge of acting

Earning of Models

The earning of models depends upon the experience, network and the type of agency for which you are working. For a fresher, one can get Rs 10, 000 to Rs 15, 000 per fashion show.  An established model can charge Rs. 50, 000 to Rs 1 lakh per fashion show. However, for reputed models, the earning is beyond the expectation.

Modelling Agencies and Companies

  • TV channels like Star, Color, OK, Sony, Sahara, DD, etc.
  • Face1
  • Catwalk
  • Balaji Telefilms
  • Giltz
  • UTV communication Ltd.
  • Pritish nandi Communication
  • Cinevista
  • Saregama Platform
  • Ozone Models management
  • The Bridge
  • Platinum Models
  • Aditi Model Service
  • Passion EC 191
  • Profile Estd
  • Glamour

Types of Modelling

  • Men & Women high fashion modelling
  • Teen modelling
  • Petite modelling
  • Glamour modelling
  • Plus Size modelling
  • Mature modelling
  • Body part modelling
  • Commercial print models
  • Beauty models
  • Swimsuit models
  • Lingerie models
  • Smile models
  • Leg models


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