List of Management Courses (MBA, BBA) through Distance Education, Correspondence and Open Learning

Master in Business Management (MBA)

    1. MBA in  Marketing
    2. MBA in Finance
    3. MBA in Human Resource Management
    4. MBA in Retail Management
    5. MBA in Banking & Insurance Management
    6. MBA in Hospital Administration
    7. Master of Insurance Business
    8. M.B.A in  Hospitality Management
    9. Master of Business Operations

  1. Master of Business, Banking & Finance
  2. MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  3. MBA in Oil & Gas Management and Power Management

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

  1. BBA
  2. BBA (Retail Management)
  3. BBM
  4. BHM
  5. BBS

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

  1. PG Diploma Business Management
  2. PG Diploma Marketing Management
  3. PG Diploma Human Resource Management
  4. PG Diploma Financial Management
  5. PG Diploma Banking and Financial Management
  6. PG Diploma International Business
  7. PG Diploma Insurance Management
  8. PG Diploma in Operations Management
  9. PG Diploma in IT Management in System Management
  10. PG Diploma in E-commerce
  11. PG Diploma  in Tour & Travel Management
  12. PG Diploma  in Rural Development
  13. P G Diploma in Retail Management
  14. P G Diploma in Supply Chain Management
  15. P G Diploma in Operations Management
  16. P G Diploma Business Administration
  17. P G Diploma in E-Business
  18. P G Diploma in Banking, Investment & Insurance
  19. PG Diploma in Export Management
  20. PG Diploma in Materials and Supply Chain Management
  21. PG   Diploma in Taxation
  22. Advanced PG Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Management

  1. Diploma in Business Management
  2. Diploma in International Business Operations
  3. Diploma in Financial Management
  4. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  5. Diploma in Management
  6. Diploma in Operations Management
  7. Diploma in Marketing Management
  8. Diploma in Event Management
  9. Diploma in Retail Management
  10. Diploma in Accounting and Book Keeping
  11. Diploma in Foreign Trade
  12. Diploma in Agricultural Marketing Management
  13. Diploma in Farm Management
  14. Diploma in Agricultural Finance Business Management & Trades
  15. Diploma in Industrial Management
  16. Diploma in Materials Management
  17. Diploma in Rail Transport & Management
  18. Diploma in Transport Economics & Management
  19. Diploma in Multimodal Transport (Containerization) & Logistic Management

Post Graduate Certificate in Management

  1.  PG Certificate in Management in Retail
  2. PG Certificate in Pharmaceutical Marketing
  3. PG Certificate in International Business
  4. PG Certificate in HRD
  5. PG Certificate in Marketing
  6. PG Certificate in Finance

Advanced Certificate in Management

  1. Advanced Certificate in Management in Finance
  2. Advanced Certificate in HRM
  3. Advanced Certificate in Operations
  4. Advanced Certificate in Research Methodology
  5. Advanced Certificate in Marketing
  6. Advanced Certificate in Enterprise Management

Specialised Diploma in Management

  1. Specialised Diploma in Management in Financial Management
  2. Specialised Diploma in Management in Marketing Management
  3. Specialised Diploma in Management in Human Resource Management
  4. Specialised Diploma in Management in Operations Management and Systems Management

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