Jobs in Print Media-Career in Media and Journalism

Journalism is one of the few careers where one can feel the taste of freshness every day. Journalism and Media are the platforms that allow you to meet newer people from different strata of society. In this profession, you can meet celebrities, Models, Politicians, Ministers, High profile officers, criminals, etc. Journalism is a demanding job that needs dedication, devotion, and determination.

It requires little effort from the candidate side to bring qualitative change in society.

It has a vast number of job opportunities for deserving candidates. If you know the nuances and finer aspects of journalism, money is not the criteria for you. It would be best if you had the qualities of accuracy, brevity, and clarity and were ready to face tougher deadlines.

Media Career Options

  • Chief Editor
  • Senior Editor
  • Editor
  • Associate Editor
  • Assistant Editor
  • Sub-Editors
  • Columnist
  • Reporter
  • Correspondent
  • Photographer
  • Artist
  • Cartoonist

A career in Print Media and Journalism


The editor’s main job is to refine and filtrate the matter whatever they get from the reporters, as per the policy of the respective newspapers. Editing the story, formatting, re-formatting, doubts, clarifications, and errors in the text are some aspects they must handle judiciously.


Reporting is another challenging job in Newspapers, Magazines, TV channels, Tabloids, etc. The reporters cover stories from local to international events.

Writing Columns

Eminent Journalists, Writers, and Academicians write columns in Newspapers. The column can be written on any important topic. The writer depicts the story from different angles.


This is another challenging area in Print media. A cartoonist can portray a meaningful message through their cartoon.


Nowadays, photographs are taking the space of writing. Lots of matter can be essayed through single pictures. The photojournalist has its significance in media.

Nature of the Job

Initially, the fresh passed out are hired as trainees. After that, they are promoted to higher jobs like senior reporter, chief reporter, and special correspondent.

Media and Journalism Courses

For media studies, there are Graduate, Postgraduate, and Ph.D. courses available. Universities are also offering a PG Diploma course in media. Now, I’m just wondering where to study. More or less, all the universities provide Graduate and Postgraduate media courses both in Hindi and English. Some techniques, such as page composition, layout designing, photojournalism, artist, cartoon making, etc., are also offered.

Media Salary

Salary is not a significant issue in Journalism. It depends upon one’s experiences and the newspaper house or publication you joined. Experienced Journalists may get from Rs. 20000 to 50000, and Senior Journalists earn over a Lakh monthly.

Media Job Options and Recruitment

Following are the organisations where one can find jobs after doing their courses.

  1. Newspaper houses
  2. TV channels
  3. Online media houses(Website)
  4. Magazines
  5. Journals
  6. Tabloids
  7. Agencies like the Press Trust of India (PTI), Reuters, United News of India (UNI), Associated Press (AP)
  8. A government organisation like Ministries, Departments, etc.
  9. In-house publications of large corporate houses

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