Job opportunity and Career options in Translation and Interpretation

It is the era of bilateral and multilateral relationships among countries. It not only boosts the diplomatic relationship yet strengthens the economy, business, and international trade.  Different countries have different languages, which ensures the heavy demands of professionals in the form of Translators and Interpreters who can appropriately understand the languages like Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, along with Hindi. Since the sector has adequate potential, many young professionals choose a translator or interpreter as a career option. The emergence of newer centres for these languages shows the avenue of economic opportunities for aspiring candidates. Here, we will discuss Job opportunities and Career options in Translation and Interpretation.

Difference between Translator and Interpreter

The translation is desk work where everything is taken in written form while interpreters manage translation orally. The concerned person for translation and interpretation should have good command over multiple languages. Many tourists visit India globally every year, and the interpreters get fatty income from such groups.

Criteria for Translation

The candidates should have fluency and command over at least two languages. You should have a flair for writing.  Graduation is a must to get admission to a good university and college.  For good translation, one must go into the content’s soul. It is also recommended to see the translation work of seniors and experts.

Job Opportunity in Translation

There is no such shortage of Jobs in translation due to bilateral relations among countries, mushrooming of MNCs, BPOs, etc. There is also a good scope for these translators in the government sector.  One can also associate with Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre (INSDOC) in Delhi for better opportunities. The package is well-nourished. One can get from Rs. 10 000 to 1 lakh. It depends upon experience, knowledge, understanding and sharp insight into the world’s latest happenings. Translators do the job not based on paragraphs or per page; they translate and charge per word. For example, for translation from English to German, the company charge Rs. 3/comment. The same things happen with other languages too.   The languages which are in huge demand are German, Japanese, and French.

After the technological revolution, translation has become a rewarding career. Overseas markets have also generated ample avenues. All Government Ministries require Junior Translators, Senior Translators, Subject Experts, and Assistant Directors (for official languages).

Top 5 Tips for Translation

  1. Develop your written skills in the concerned language as much as possible.
  2. Much more concentration should be on the fields where you are interested. Give weightage to the terminology and latest development of that discipline.
  3. You should have good reading habits. Focus more and more on newspapers, the Internet, and online materials.
  4. Develop a model of dialogue with your friends.
  5. on an excellent writer, it is necessary to cultivate good writing skills in the target language.

Institutions offer Translation Courses

Max Mueller Bhavan for German, New Delhi

Alliance Francaise for French

For more information,

Cervantes for Spanish

For more information,

Calcutta University (CU)

Foreign languages provide: Arabic, Persian, and French

For more information,
Jadavpur University (JU)

For more information,

The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture

Languages Offer: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish

For more information,

The Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (CIEFL), Hyderabad

Foreign Languages Offer: German, Roman, Russian,

Foreign languages offer, of

Delhi University

Foreign Languages Offer: Arabic, French, German, Hispanic, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Russian,

Foreign languages offer,

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)

Foreign Languages offered by JNU: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

Foreign languages offer,

University of Pune

Foreign languages provide

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