Correspondence and Distance Learning Courses in Indian Universities

Correspondence Courses for Graduate and Post Graduate

  1. B.A. (more or less in all subjects)
  2. B.Sc. (more or less in all subjects)
  3. B. Com.
  4. M.A. (more or less in all subjects)
  5. M.Sc. (more or less in all subjects)
  6. M. Com.
  7. B. Ed., M. Ed.
  8. BBA, MBA
  10. BJMC, B. Tech., M. Tech.
  11. Bachelor of Tourism
  12. BLIS, MLIS

Distance Education in Engineering and IT

  1. Applied Electronics
  2. Chemical Processes, Instrumentation & Control
  3. Industrial Safety
  4. Sugar Technology
  5. Automobile Technology

Correspondence Courses in Computer

  1. Computer Applications/ Computer Science/ Computer Programming
  2. A computer for Office Management/Services
  3. Computer Systems

Distance Learning in Agriculture

  1. Poultry Science, Aquaculture, Prawn Farming, Sericulture
  2. Fertilizer Technology
  3. Horticulture

Correspondence Courses in Education

  1. School Management
  2. Early Childhood Education and Care
  3. Guidance and Counseling
  4. Educational Planning

Vocational  Courses through Correspondence

  1. Construction Management
  2. Advertising
  3. Cosmetic Science
  4. TV Mechanics
  5. Medical Lab Technology

Banking Courses by Correspondence

  1. Diploma in Banking and Finance

Correspondence Courses in Health

  1. Diet Therapy
  2. Food & Nutrition
  3. Industrial Pollution and Control
  4. Industrial Waste Water Treatment
  5. Nutrition and Health Education
  6. Nutrition for Community

Correspondence Courses in Law

  1. Bachelor of General Law
  2. Bachelor of Academic Law, LLB,  LLM
  3. Diploma in Labour Law
  4. Law of Taxation
  5. Diploma in Company Law
  6. Diploma in Consumer Protection Law and Law and Public Service

Correspondence courses in Yoga

  1. Certificate course in Yoga,
  2. Diploma in Yoga
  3. Graduation in Yoga

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  1. Sir,I passed B.SC(Math,Phy Chem )But i want to do a Distance learning course like Agriculture /allied sector in any university and specify the study centre.

    Saroj mishra


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