Career Prospects in Accounting-Jobs in Accounting and Finance

The field of accounting is challenging and exciting. It is the field where one becomes familiar with the very finer points of business. So, it becomes a platform for many senior-level positions to start with it. The job of an accountant is always in demand. Taxes, audits, bookkeeping, and overall the business scandals keep the demand for accountants hot.

The discipline of Accounting revolves around the mechanism of business track, its income, and assets. The domain of accounting encompasses activities like preparing financial statements, costs computing, mergers & acquisition, recording of business transactions, quality management, tax strategy, etc.

Career Prospects in Accounting

Both private and public firms are available to start one’s career as an accountant. In the private firm, one can join big corporations, big companies, MNCs, KPOs, Ernst & Young, Price Waterhouse Coopers, IT hubs, etc. for the works like financial statements, track costs, and handles tax returns. But the experiences with the government are more worthy as one gets familiar with the very nuances of accounting. In the government sector, the accountants prepare budgets, track costs, and do the financial and monetary day-to-day activities of the concerned organization.

Jobs Options in Accounting

Due to the diversified growth of the business, finance, and economic activities, thousands and thousands of jobs are available in the field of accounting. Job opportunities are available as audit, budget analyst, financial accountants, management accountants, and tax accountants. After good knowledge and experiences in the field of accounting; one may get a placement as an investigative accountant, financial planner, financial manager, loan underwriter, portfolio analyst, controller, budget analyst, cost accountant, and tax planner.

Jobs after Accounting Course

If you have command in accountancy, and having the knowledge of finance and monetary aspects in-depth, getting placement in foreign countries’ firms is easy too. Following job profiles are available for the deserving candidates in the developed world:

  1. Financial Analyst
  2. Cash Manager
  3. Credit Manager
  4. Investment Manager
  5. Investor Relation Manager
  6. Payroll Manager
  7. Commercial Lender
  8. Trust Manager
  9. Private Banker
  10. Investment Banker
  11. Venture Capitalist
  12. Hedge Fund Manager
  13. Risk Manager
  14. Claims Analyst
  15. Underwriting Agent

Courses for Accounting

The course and syllabus of accounting are taught since the 10+2 standard. At the graduation level, much more thrust is given to accounting. After successfully completing B.Com, one may opt for M.Com with a specialization in accounting and finance.  Professional courses may also be pursued such as ICWA, CA, or ACS to make the subject of accounting more market-friendly. The bachelor of accounting develops multi-facets skills in the candidates to tackle accounting and financial management smoothly. These days, a number of candidates are also pursuing computer accounting course where after getting command over tally, one may get absorb in the private sector.

The course duration for B.Com is of three years comprises six semesters whereas M.Com is for two years, consisting of four semesters. The approximate fee for B.Com is 14, 000/- for three years while in the case of M.Com, the fee is 15, 000/-per annum.

Functions and Duties of Accountants

  1. Accountants provide the data to know about the present and future financial activities of an organization.
  2. They do the work of the business track, income, and assets.
  3. Record of business transactions and tax strategy.
  4. They have to prepare financial statements and recording business transactions.
  5. Showbiz accountants are fully concentrated upon entertainment accounting.

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