Radio Jobs And Career in Radio Broadcasting

Career in Radio Broadcasting

  • The burgeoning ramification of Electronic and Print media have generated exciting and lucrative job option in Radio jobs, T.V,  Advertising, Publicity, Newspaper, Magazines, Tabloids, Journals, etc.
  • The radio broadcasting industry has its own significance and audience and very important career prospects.
  • Even in the age of ICT and LPG, radio and audio mediums get increasing and multiplying their listeners.
  • Over the period, the listeners developed a bond among the radio stations and presenters.

Important criteria for radio jobs

  • Qualitative inputs, excellent writing skill, perfection in works, meeting deadlines, good way of expression, and mastery over the medium of language (Hindi/English/Urdu/Tamil/etc.) are some of the very essential points to be a radio broadcaster and to make one’s career in Radio.
  • As far as writing is concern, it is the soul of the broadcasting system and one of the criteria to find placement in Radio Jobs.
  • There should be a command on writing.
  • The broadcasters have to be very careful about the happenings both nationally and internationally.
  • You have to be up to date from the latest news and current affairs.
  • For this, one has to go through different newspapers, magazines, journals, TV, etc.
  • He should have the ability to present even the toughest topic in a very simple and lucid manner so that the common man can understand without any brainstorming.
  • Has the ability to work under pressure and deadline schedule.

How to become Radio Jockey/DJs

  • For Radio Jobs employment, the following are the important features that are needed
  • Having the ability to frame original ideas and stories.
  • Excellent communication and Presenting skills are of utmost importance for the Radio Jockey job.
  • The person should be dedicated to his work, even in the case of part-time radio jobs.
  • Calmness and coolness even in the tough condition should be his/her essence.
  • Good broadcaster loves the public as they are the source of the stories and ideas.
  • The DJs should have the knowledge of program style and ethics.
  • Covering the story is important because which parts you have to keep and which one you have to delete, takes utmost care.
  • Knowledge of equipment is important for the facilitation of the program.
  • You should well versed in Radio stations mechanism such as recorders, microphones, and editing software.
  • He should have a nose for news, interviews, programs etc.
  • The idea of past clippings is important.
  • Self-confidence and determination are important.

Radio Job Courses and Training

  • Graduate in any subject is the minimum criteria with a nose of news, writing ability, and performance in a tight schedule.
  • Post-graduation or Diploma in Mass Communication or Journalism is the added advantage because, in lots of places, it has become one of the essential qualifications.
  • After completing these courses, one has to go through the audition test and Vani certificate course in getting entry to the public sector.
  • There are many radio stations,  FM channels, who recruits the broadcaster after having the qualities and criteria as mentioned above.

Radio Jobs in FM Stations

  • Post Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation (LPG), the scenario of Radio communication, and Radio Broadcasters have changed drastically.
  • There is a mushrooming of FM stations both in urban as well as smaller towns and cities which has generated enough avenue for radio jobs in India.
  • So radio jobs recruitment has opened a great opportunity for the freshers.
  • If one has the very brevity of way of expression, writing, and creativity, it means the person is suitable for Radio jobs profile.
  • In maximum FM stations, the Radio Jockey is paid handsomely on an hourly basis.
  • Since, the radio stations generated huge surplus through advertisement accordingly the employees, especially the Presenter, Announcer, DJs and Broadcaster are given fatty salary.
  • In Community Radio, volunteers are more important.

Importance of Radio Broadcasting

  • It is a source of mass entertainment and afforded by more or less everyone due to its cost-effective approach.
  • It is omnipresent and access from the remote of the remotest region.
  • Radio Jockey, Community radio, FM, Presenter, Announcer, etc., all are playing a vital role in entertaining and giving valuable information to the public.

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