Top 5 Foods for Fat loss, Weight Control and Obesity

List of foods for weight loss

How to lose fat naturally through turmeric?

Turmeric is a complete body solution due to its varied features. Curcumin is an active bio-chemical anti-oxidant component found in Turmeric that comes to healthy fat loss. Image courtesy of luigi diamanti /

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Pranayama Benefits, Significance, Importance and Meaning

Pranayama benefits and importance

Pranayama, a form of Yoga breathing

Pranayama is not a simple breathing exercise yet it is a scientific breathing process where control over prana is achieved.  Pranayama is the connecting link between physical (asanas) and mental (meditation) yogic practices.

Pranayama Meaning

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Memory Loss (Amnesia): Symptoms, Causes, Natural Treatments and Home Remedies

Definition of amnesia

Brain cells even can work well at an older age if it is not affected by diseases and disorders. Neurons, units of the brain, and hub of information transformation, in fact, don’t die with age, yet simply shrinking. Memory loss may be temporary or permanent. However, with age, memory loss is common. Here, some Naturopathy remedies and treatments are mentioned for better functioning of the brain as well as improve memory.

Symptoms of memory loss (amnesia)

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Health and Medicinal Benefits of Curry Leaves for Hair Loss and Hair Fall

Definition of curry leaves

Curry leaves are one of the important components as well as excellent aromatic herbs used in Indian dishes, especially in South India, has many health and medicinal properties. Fresh green leaves are best for food, however, dried leaves are also used in cooking. Curry leaves are rich in Vitamin C, acts as a blood purifier. It makes skin fresh and gives a glowing touch due to citrus in nature.

Best uses of curry leaves

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Amazing Health and Medicinal Benefits of Ramadan

Definition of Ramadan

Ramadan is a very pious month for Muslims. Muslims all over the world observed fasting for the ninth of the Islamic calendar.  Fasting has excellent health benefits so to Ramadan. Ramadan fasting helps to cleanse your body from toxic accumulation and other impurities thereby give a rejuvenating, refreshing, and invigorating outlook to your personality.  The best way to break your fast through fruit juices, lime juices, or fresh juicy fruits.

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Yoga Poses (Kriyas) Cure Acidity and Hyperacidity

Yoga Poses (Kriyas) Cure Acidity and Hyper acidity
Yoga Poses (Kriyas) Cure Acidity and Hyper acidity
Yoga for acidity

Definition of Yoga satkarma

The word Satkarma is comprised of two words-Sat means six and Karma means practices. In Ayurveda, karma means the cleansing process. Thus,  sat karma is the cleansing or yogic purificatory process of the body. These purification processes (Satkarma) are helpful in removing diseases, toxins, and impurities along with cleansing the internal organs of the body. The six purifying processes of Satkarma are Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Trataka, Nauli, and Kapalabhati. These purification processes are extremely beneficial in purifying the body and overall health of the body.

Medicinal value of Yoga Satkarma

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