How To Do Hastottanasana Steps, Benefits And Precautions

How To Do Hastottanasana Steps, Benefits And Precautions

Hastottanasana meaning Hastottanasana consists of two words: Hasta means ‘Arms’ and Uttana means ‘Stretched up’. In this yoga pose, the arms are stretched upwards followed by side bending, therefore, it is also known as Up-stretched arms posture. Here, the easy steps of doing hastottanasana have been described. The asana has many health benefits from toes … Read more

10 Wonder Evidence Based Benefits of Eating Fish for Hair Growth

Fish for Hair Growth

Why fish for hair growth

Fish, especially salmon, herring, and mackerel are very important for the health of hair as they are the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are of utmost importance for hair growth. It is also important to prevent hair fall, hair loss, and known for shining hair too.

10 wonder benefits of fish for hair growth

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Top 10 Best Health Benefits of Sirsasana (Headstand Yoga Pose)

Wonder benefits of sirsasana for skin and hair

Sirsasana meaning

Sirsasana is known as the king of all yogasanas because of its numerous health benefits in the management and prevention of diseases. It is one of the important yoga poses, which directly impact the endocrine glands, especially the pituitary gland. It helps to smooth blood circulation to the entire region of the body. The regular practice of the headstand provides benefits from toes to fingers and ensures effective coordination among body-mind-soul. Because of its significant roles in the management and prevention of diseases and disorders, the yoga pose is known as ‘King Of All Yogsanas’. If one learns the technique of the pose, it can be proved a boon to the health of the individual.

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6 Best Homeopathy Medicines for Hair Loss and Hair Fall

What is hair loss?

Presently, hair loss is a common phenomenon. Hair fall is generally observed irrespective of age groups. About 50-100 strands break up is common in a day. However, due to a natural phenomenon, it gets replaced. But there are cases, where permanent hair loss is experienced. However, homeopathy provides the best medicines to prevent hair fall and re-growth of hair.

Symptoms of hair loss

    • Scalp hair thinning
    • Horseshoe-shaped
    • Abrupt loss of hair
    • Loss of hair in patches or Alopecia areata
    • Slow thinning
    • Hairline baldness

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10 Wonder Medicinal Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin, Hair and Face

The leaves of the plant are succulent and the gel produced by it is of many therapeutic uses and properties.

Aloe vera introduction

Aloe vera is known as a “wonder plant” because of its numerous medical and scientific verified benefits. The leaves of the plant are succulent and the gel produced by it is of many therapeutic uses and properties. Besides using aloe vera in skin, hair, and face; it is also known for weight loss. It’s a million-dollar plant because of its uses in cosmetic, food, and beverage industries. Aloe vera’s amazing benefits make it unique in the category of the medicinal herbal world.

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Lactuca Serriola Prickly Lettuce Uses, Effects and Precautions

Lactuca Serriola is used in the prevention and treatment of intestinal, respiratory, and vascular ailments due to its less side effects and cost effectiveness.

Lactuca serriola introduction

Lactuca Serriola as Unani medicine is widely used in the prevention and treatment of various diseases due to its fewer side effects and cost-effectiveness. It is an important herbal medicine and is recommended for various disorders like headaches, insomnia, infectious fever, etc. Traditionally, it has been used to manage intestinal, respiratory, and vascular ailments. Lactuca serriola can potentially act as a strong traditional herbal drug due to its multiple pharmaceutical effects and therefore many types of research have been conducted for the development of its new formulations. It is a prickly plant found at the Western Himalayas, at an altitude of 6.000 to 11.000 feet. The parts that are mostly used for medicinal purposes are dried leaves, seed oil, and its milky juice.

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Top 10 Wonder Benefits And Uses Of Kuth (Saussurea costus)

Costus (Kuth) is one of the important herbs, mentioned in Atharvaveda and Ramayana. It is used to improve the beauty of ladies, and to alleviate respiratory and mental disorders

Kuth introduction

The ayurvedic herb is considered a product of Arabs, and that is why it is known as Arablon Costus. The root of this herb is used as a medicine. In the Indigenous System of Medicine as well as Tibbi Medicine it is mainly used as a drug, prescribed for mental diseases and sexual disorders.


Different name of kuth

  • English: Kuth, Costus.
  • Hindi: Kuth, Koth, Kur, Pachak
  • Sanskrit: Kushth, Vapya, Utapal, Kashmir, Agadha, Bhassur, Kashmirja.
  • Punjabi: Kushth, Koth

Chemical constituents of costus

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How To Do Ardha Chakrasana-Steps, Benefits And Precautions

The pose will helps to practice the yoga step by step correctly.

Meaning of ardha chakrasana In Sanskrit, Ardha means ‘half’, and Chakra means ‘wheel’. While performing this yoga pose, the body takes the shape of a half wheel, therefore it is called Half wheel posture or Ardha- chakrsana. This is the important standing yoga pose, known for many important health benefits.   Learn to do ardha … Read more