Ayurveda Prevention Tips for Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

20 easy ways to manage and control arthritis

  1. Do the best effort to maintain body weight through eating a healthy natural diet. Diet plays a greater role in exaggerating Arthritis.
  2. Avoid oily, fatty, refined, packaged, and heavy diets.
  3. Do  Yoga regularly as it enhances the flexibility of joints and strengthening the muscles. Yoga plays a pivotal role in minimizing the effect of Arthritis.
  4. Regular bowel movement is necessary, so one should take more and more fibrous food.
  5. Take more and more vitamin  D foods as these fulfill the requirements of calcium deficiency in the body. Vitamin C and E also strengthen the musculoskeletal system.
  6. Avoid curd, fish, jaggery, and milk
  7. Avoid contaminated water.
  8. Incompatible food should be discouraged.
  9. Avoid control of natural urges.
  10. Avoid stress, tension, and anxiety-free life
  11.  Excessive pressure on joints should be avoided.
  12. Smoking and Alcohol weakens the bone structure and increases the risk of osteoarthritis.
  13. Take an adequate quantity of water as about 70% of the cartilage is made up of water.  Taking more quantity of water helps to rub the joints.
  14. Exercises such as cycling, swimming may be encouraged.
  15. Discourage repetitive muscle or joint strain.
  16. Sedentary life increases the risk of different forms of arthritis.
  17. Poor food choices, chemicals, oral contraceptives, and medication lead to the deficiency of certain chemicals which is essential for calcium formation in the body.
  18. Orange juices contain a greater amount of antioxidants that help to reduce arthritis.
  19. If you have a sedentary job in your office, get up and stretch your muscles regularly. Stretch your muscles to keep it supple.
  20. Taking a fish oil supplements is good. Cod liver oil also reduces inflammation.

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