Top 10 Health and Medicinal benefits of Ajwain (Botanical Name : Trachyspermum Ammi)

It is one of the important herbs for Indian kitchen to make the Indian cuisine tasty. All the parts of this herb have a very strong smell; hence it is called Ugragandha in Sanskrit. Ajwain has many health and medicinal benefits. It is a well-known herbal formulations for instant remedy for stomachache. The seed, oil, flowers, and extract are used as medicine for various diseases. It is also one of the potent medicines to kill worms. It is extremely beneficial for Earache, toothache, Influenza, Heart problems, Arthritis, Nasal blockage. The person feeling excessive sexual desire may take it cool down himself.

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11 Unknown Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Turmeric Powder

Best benefits of eating turmeric powder

Turmeric has many medicinal qualities like improves the complexion of a person, makes skin fair and fairer, has the ability to make one beautiful and good looking.

  1. Turmeric for fair complexion: Turmeric is one of the best complexion improver. It makes your body and face fair and beautiful. So, its paste is generally applied to the bride and bridegroom one day before marriage.
  2. Turmeric heals wound: Make a paste of turmeric with water. When the paste is applied over the swelling; bulginess can be reduced considerably. The application is also used to minimize the impact of pain and wound healing.

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Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Onion (Allium cepa)

Nutritional facts of onion

Onion protects the body from different diseases helps in maintaining good health. Onions are abundant with minerals and vitamins. It contains Vitamin A, B complex, and C. The variety having sulfur, calcium, and iron. Onion is one of the best aphrodisiacs and having many medicinal features and values.

1. Onion regains consciousness

Onion contains isoprenyl propyl amine, where inhaling the strong smell of ammonia gives

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