Weight Loss through Diet, Yoga and Naturopathy

1. Optimum busy schedule and brisk walk are desirable.
2. Give more thrust to salads before your meals.
3. High calorie food grains should be mixed with fresh vegetables.
4. Use skimmed or fat free milk.
5. After lunch or dinner, switch to fruits over sweets.
6. Cooking of vegetable without oil is desirable.
7. Boiled vegetables and soup should be preferred at dinner time.
8. Fasting once a week with juices is preferred as it helps to shed weight.
9. Bottle gourd juice is beneficial for weight reduction.
10. Fruits like papayas, oranges, watermelon are recommended.
11. Drink a glass of water about 20 minutes before your meal as it helps to fill your stomach.
12. Fruits should be preferred between meals.
13. Follow Yoga practices, especially asanas.
14. Adopt Ayurvedic way of lifestyle.
15. Lemon water should be taken in the morning.
16. Avoid junk foods, Ice-cream, fatty products, sweets etc.
17. Less importance should be given to bananas, mangoes, cheekus, and grapes.
18. Your stomach should fill with 50% by rice or chappati, 25% by water and 25 % should be empty.
19. Oils should rarely used while cooking foods.
20. Eating pasta, pizza, bread, sandwich, cold drinks should be discouraged.


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