Top 10 Spiritual Apps for Spiritual Growth

The path to true happiness is a path to our own depth. It is not possible to achieve this by ignoring what is in us. To walk towards the depth, it is to plunge more and more deeply and to cross all the layers which are superimposed in us. The thoughts, the emotions, the desires, the internal sensations, the unconscious structures that condition us. Little by little, we need to better understand who we are, how we operate.

Control Your Emotions

Emotions are like waves, more or less large, which occur by the sea. You can stay on the beach by refusing to taste it, then you are in repression. You can jump into the water without knowing how to swim and the waves will make you lose your footing and make you drink the cup, you are then overwhelmed by emotions without any control. Or you can learn to swim in the waves, and even surf with them. So, you do not refuse the existence of waves, you rather rely on their energy, well in contact, very vigilant, you let them deploy quietly enjoying the sensations until they disappear by themselves. This is what is meant by emotion control.

Accept What Does Not Depend On You

What is the smartest, most constructive, most positive reaction to a difficulty over which we have absolutely nothing to do? Does it make sense to rebel in the void, to roll on the ground, to stamp your feet saying that “no, no and no, it’s not fair, I don’t want it “? The best strategy is, of course, to find a way to relax and accept the situation, integrate it, adhere to it. So you reunite with what is, and you find relaxation. The ability to be truly happy depends in particular on our ability to reunite quickly in a situation that we do not like but which is imposed on us.

Have The Money You Need, Neither Too Little Nor Too Much

With what do you buy all your goods, with what do you make all your expenses? With your time and energy, more precisely, with the time and energy, you have spent earning the necessary money, money is only an intermediary. When we work to make money, we use our time and energy. However, to lead a happy life, we need time and energy for our loved ones, our spouse, our children, for our journey and to take a little time to live, quite simply. The important thing is to define our needs and those of our family and to work enough to meet them. No need to work too much, we would miss other essential aspects of life.

In essence, happiness is about acceptance or sincerity. Spirituality is very much related to this. But how can we get spiritual guidance? Not every one of us has easy access to a spiritualist. Luckily the Internet makes it easy for us. This computer-to-computer network makes it easy for us to access various applications that are able to provide spiritual guidance at an affordable price.


Kasamba is synonymous with a quality spiritual application. No exaggeration, Kasamba is equipped with interesting features and really useful for anyone who wants to explore spirituality in a simple way. Kasamba is very interesting because it connects you with various kinds of experienced spiritualists. They will help you as soon as you contact them. You can consult about spiritual matters that may be related to unseen phenomena or spirits which certainly cannot be solved by “logical approaches”. In Kasamba you can also get predictions about your future life through reading Tarot and others. If you are truly willing to invest in improving your spiritual life, no doubt Kasamba is the best choice.

Tarot Card Reading Prediction

If you are interested in reading Tarot then this application is one of the best. Why? Because this application is focused on Tarot and all its uses. You can consult on various topics; love, career, health, future and so on. This application is known to have fairly accurate predictions because it is supported by several experienced Tarot card readers. It’s available in 2 OS; Tarot Card Reading Prediction IOS and Tarot Cards Reading Prediction Android.

Live Palm Reading

If you are interested in palmistry reading then this application is for you. By using this application you can receive palmistry readings that are appropriate for you. Suitable for you because each palm is different. Readings for you will not be suitable for others, and vice versa. It’s available in 2 OS; Live Palm Reading IOS and Live Palm Reading Android

Psychic Chat Reading

With millions of clients, this application is certainly worthy of trust. You can enjoy various services such as career advisors, psychics, numerologists, love readers, astrologers and so on. With a satisfaction rate of 95%, investing in this application is certainly not a risky move. It’s available in 2 OS; Psychic Chat Reading IOS and Psychic Chat Reading Android.

Fortune Tellers

This application tends to provide a service to read your fortune in the future. If you are someone who is interested in your possibilities or prospects in the future, then Fortune Tellers is one of the best choices you can get. Use Android? You can use this amazing app through Fortune Telling Android.

Psychic Reading Prediction

This is a fantastic application. Why? Because by accessing this application, you can be helped to get a personal daily horoscope. Totally personal, not general. You can even build your own personal birth chart. Other features are smart match with psychics and free psychic reading for 3 minutes. Want to give a try? It’s available in 2 OS; Psychic Reading Prediction IOS and Psychic Reading Prediction Android.

My Affirmations

This application is unique because it allows adding widgets to your home screen. You can choose and record your own affirmations. There is no limit. With this facility, you can connect every time you open your phone. Seeing positive affirmations on the screen can spur your motivation.

Spiritual Stories Daily

This application has a variety of interesting features but one that is striking is the ability to adjust the alarm and also the ringtone. The alarm provided is quite interesting and listening to it can make you feel calmer. If you like spiritual advice that is simply packaged, then this is a good option. Try!

Keep Yoga

Having an attractive layout and easy to understand, this application is the best tool for anyone who wants to deepen spirituality through Yoga. With this application, you are no longer attached to the gym. You can practice anywhere and anytime. With the features offered, you can move from one level of Yoga to other levels gradually. You will find a series of Yoga training that is easy to follow, no matter how much experience you have in the world of Yoga. Not only offers a variety of Yoga training, but Keep Yoga is also equipped with a calorie counter, medal system, training history, and a timer. Very interesting!


No doubt, Daylio is a kind of mood tracker. Very easy to use, this application can track your mood and record every mood change and document it. It can review mood changes for months, making sure you receive a comprehensive result, helping you to reflect on your overall spiritual condition in a certain period of time. The above applications are your helpers to overcome your spiritual problems. If you are interested in reading fortune, Tarot and the like, then numbers 1 to number 5 are worth choosing. But if you are more interested in improving your spiritual condition through daily activities, numbers 6 to 10 are the right one for you


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